Movie Review Vettaikaran

On friday we went to Vijay’s latest film Vettaikaran on the first day of release. We went to Prasads theatre here. It was good. But we were able to get seat in the first row only. I thought it won’t be released in Thamizh. But it is released
in Thamizh only. There won’t be any other language film release in TN. But it is not like that in other states(kerala, KA, AP).


Another show from Vijay in his 49th movie. There is nothing new in this movie  asusual with three villains. Some of the songs are nice to hear. The story goes like this.

Vijay is studying 12th std :). Don’t laugh. He is trying to make his attempt in clearing the exams. He makes it. He likes one IPS officer very much. His aim is also becoming an IPS officer. SO he goes to chennai to join in college where that IPS
officer studied. He also drives auto as part time job like that officer.

In the mean time he meets our heroine Anushka. Love starts for our hero. Anushka is used very very well in this film. Now a days actresses are used only for _______:). There is a rowdy in his area. There is a fight. He beats him. That rowdy’s dad is also a villain . He chases him. Our hero runs. And takes rowdism in his hand and  fights with many villains in the name of having a detective agency. Like superstar he also tried to become big personality in a song. It doesn’t suits him.

Fighting with enemies and joins with heroine at last. This is the short story line of
this movie. I have booked ticket for Avatar on coming Thursday. Comments will be
on this week end.