Valley beach trip

Last saturday, we went to valley beach near Trivandrum, 10 KM away from our campus. We were 12 people including Me, Kavin and other batch mates. We went there by auto. Auto fare is really cheap in this city. Nobody asks for extra money. In Madurai we cant get an auto for 15 rupees.

When we started for the trip, it was raining. Anyway we didn’t want to return back. We were completely wet when we reached the sea shore. It was really awesome. There was a backwater area near the sea shore. We went for a cool boat ride when it was raining. I will upload all the pictures ASAP. Then we played in the sea shore for sometime. Then we went to a floating restaurant in the sea shore near by. We were there for almost two hours for aloo bonda and hot tea. Kavin’s mobile drunk some water :). It took two days to get rid of the fever.