Movie Review – My name is Khan

Yesterday for the second show myself and Gupta went to iMax here in Hyderabad to watch “My Name is Khan” starring Shahrukh khan and Kajol. This movie is produced and directed by Karan Johar. We went to theatre directly from office. It became very late to start from office yesterday. As a whole, I like the movie. I loved Shahrukh’s acting. It is really appreciable. Unnecessary political issues made this film to become very popular. Nothing can be say as significant except his acting. Definitely everybody can see it once.

Story :

Rizwan Khan (Shahrukh Khan) suffers from some syndrome, a kind of autism that makes him walk in a different manner. Heavy sounds make him nervous and yellow color freaks him out. But he is good at many things especially in repairing anything. After his mother dies, he moves to US to stay with his brother. There he is working as a salesman or his brother’s company. He meets Kajol, a single mother as  a customer and also she is a hair stylist.

Then they become more close and starts loving. And they marry one day, eventhough she is Hindu and he is  muslim. They were very happy, hero, heroine an their son until the 9/11 WTC terrorist attack happens. Every Americans started hating Muslims. Since his name contains Khan in a ,communal bashing incident, their son is killed. Kajol blames Khan since everything happened only because of she married him. Kajol leaves Khan and he embarks on a picturesque journey through America. His mission is to meet the president with the message “My name is khan and I am not a terrorist”.

He was put in a jail due to misunderstanding when he goes to meet US president. After a long time, he comes back. Then he goes to Georgia where people suffered due to storm and heavy rain. He goes  there to meet a lady and his son, since they have helped him sometime back. He goes and helps them to save their life. Surely it stimulates all the people to be united.

Then atlast he meets Obama and says those words to him. The film ends like that. It is a movie completely taken in US.

Shahrukh Khan will get more credits for this film.