Computers without HardDisk?

Some weeks back, unfortunately water went inside my laptop through the holes. It baceme complete wet. Then I went to service center. They told only hard disk got dameged because of water. Then they replaced it with a newer one. I was thinking of what is the need for a storage medium in computers.

Why not we use air as a storage medium and how future computers will be? I am not sure whether it is possible. But there is a lot of possibilities for it. Now a days there is a huge competition between giants of technology, Google, Microsoft and Apple. There is a competition between on every products.
And also competitions between social networking providers, Google, Facebook and Twitter. As long as they are becoming great, hackers and spammers are also becoming greater to crack all of their protocols. 🙂 So, we need a new design and protocols in upcoming things.

As we know, there is data in air all around us. Using that we are talking in phone, watching TV, listening to radio, browsing internet and more. The data is broadcasted from somewhere and we are all accessing it. While it is possible in a large spectrum, why not it is possible for a single user within his own premises.
I am expecting future system without any storage medium. We don’t need to capture the data into a small device :). It will be available everywhere.

We are just going to store bits and bytes in air instead of a storage device. We need to define a new protocol for this, we need to write an extension for 802.11x protocol. That will be called as WDAP (Wireless Data Access Protocol) :). The main constraint in it is Security. We need to derive a generic model in wireless data security. We need a faster and secure algorithm for this. Now a days wireless LAN connections are easily breakable. Even I have tried this in my home with some
unknown softwares available in Internet which was very much useful for content filtering and for blocking some specific sites and IPs.

We need to design a new device that acts as an interface between data in air medium and processor and RAM. I don’t know, to what extent it will be feasible. But it will come one day in nearest future. Because current bandwidths won’t support much data holding capability. Soon in India, 4G spectrums are going
to be introduced. May be after that, we can consider about this. There is a lot of advantages of using this. Because weight will be reduced to a great extent first of all. And also we can share our data easily than with wired medium.There is some disadvantages also with this. They are mobility
and security. if we overcome this, then it will be an useful one in my opinion and I am not sure. 🙂