An alternative attitude

It started at my age NULL. Everything from my gender to school, dress, food and etc., had an alternative option and it still continues. Is there an alternative to stop this sensation?

Do we really need an alternative for everything that we do, see and all sort of feelings. Why don’t we feel happy with what we have or what we deserve? Is it good or sin? What will happen if there is no alternative?

I am not a good analyzer to do that. Because there can be an alternative analyzer who does it better than me. I was sitting at a local tiffin center for dinner yesterday. Egg is a common side-dish here for any cuisines in India. Some people who eats egg categorizes it into vegetarian dish and still they are considering themselves as vegetarians but not pure vegetarians. That is not an issue any way for me. One guy ordered a boiled egg at first. And then another guy ordered an omlette. The fellow next to me ordered a half boiled egg. Then the list was keep going with different flavors from different people like, full boiled egg, egg mixture, egg powdermass, egg without pepper, with more pepper, egg masala and so on. But the core product doesn’t change still. I simply ordered an omlette. (An additional unnecessary info: I am a semi-omnivore creature)

Everything changes from people to people. Hence what is the solution to this? It will be stopped only when people never think of an alternative option. I was talking with a fellow recently regarding some programming languages. I was telling that I am comfortable with floating around PHP. That fellow argued me that Python is better than PHP. I accept the fact but it doesn’t mean that Python is the best. Tomorrow something else can beat python. He never agreed my point. Then he should have created something like goosebook or nosebook to compete against to prove it. The same continues with Windows vs Linux battle. When something comes in bigger, people feel it as monopoly.

You be on your way and choose whichever you feel right for you and stick to it. Nothing is fixed here. There is always a better alternative for everything. So be happy with what you have , you will get what you deserve. It applies to everything.

The life is a software bundle which comes with more errors prebuilt inside. Its our duty to find out and and clear those defects and make it perfect. Some souls comes as an open source so that anybody can check it out and modify it as per their preference. You just need better understanding and mold it to your need. But most of them are proprietary and also you need some severe three or four factor authentication to login which is reCaptcha enebled to avoid bots and spams. Just go ahead with either open source or proprietary. Neither open source nor proprietary can solve your problem, its just YOU. Yes, you alone.

So, don’t find an alternative to everything. Just go ahead with what do you have. You will get the best one for sure. I am repeating the samething again and again. I don’t know an alternative to this. Because the search never ends.

Yes. It applies to your girl friend too! 😛