Movie Review – Aadhavan

To avoid swine flu problems, they didn’t allow us to go to home for this deepavali. So we have planned to go for a movie here. We went to Anjali theatre in trivandrum on saturday morning. We thought there won’t be any crowd since it is releasing in thamizh. But we didn’t expect that much crowd there. There was a heavy crowd than we can see in tamilnadu theatres. There is a lot of fans for surya. One friend from Kerala told that Vijay has more fans than other thamizh actors. I was really wondering. In Tamilnadu there won’t be any other language films. But here it is not like that. They like other language films a lot, especiallt Thamizh movies. There is a lot of fan clubs for Surya, Vijay and vikram here. me, kavin, Raveen and Samuel went to the film.


Aadhavan is directed by K S Ravikumar and produced by Udhayanidhi Stalin, starring Surya and Nayanthara. In over all the film was good. We can see once.


The whole film was suited in Kolkata and its surrondings.Surya is a local gangster with some fellows around him. He gets a job for killing a judge.The judge is supposed to submit a report regarding many illegal activities. So somebody pays money to hero’s gang to kill him. But he misses his chance to kill him.  So he plans to kill him with in ten days. So he goes into his home with the help of Vadivel.His every attempt fails in home also with Gun and Bombs. Our heroine also lives in that home. In the mean time his fightings also good. Some of the fight sequences copied from the movies Wanted and District.
In the mean time hero reveals the truth to heroine that he is her cousin at childhood. Then heroine falls in love with hero. Songs are really nice to hear and also to see.Nayanthara acts perfectly without any glamour. Laterly there was a flash back story.They have tried a new thing. Surya looks like a ten year old boy in it with some graphics. The judge is his father. He doesn’t like hero. His aunt(nayan’s mom) shows care on him.Nayanthata’s mom and dad was killed by some enemies of the judge. So hero again


kills them and joins with a local gang. Hero fights with his own gang since he is trying to save the judge becausehe is his father. Thats why he goes to his home as a servant. His gang tries to kill him but hero saves his father from them. The fight continues till the end with vadivel comedies and some duet songs in between.In the climax fight they have made some unbelievable things in a flying helicopter.That must be avoided. Except that everything is good. Nice family movie to watch once.