India and its culture

Some one calls it as Bharat but known as India to everyone. But even our national anthem says my country name as Bharat and not as India. Either it is Bharat or India, there is no difference between them. And we are in a so called democratic country. Yes, freedom in expressing what we feel. But there should be a star symbol over the word “democratic” to mention “conditions apply”. It will act differently for money and power.

The only active group in this country is Media and nobody else. I just did browse through top online medias of each state. Everywhere it contains different news stories. But when it comes to national medias, all of them have single news in their head lines about a rape incident happened in the capital. There are similar incidents happening everywhere and on everyday more brutal than this. But this incident gave a spark to the people to think about the safety of women like how Anna hazare started his protest. Thanks to that victim girl and let her soul RIP. Now Government setup a panel to ensure safety of women through a new law. Lets wait for atleast one law without loop holes for the accused to escape.

We are passing through a period of westernisation. There is “nothing” defines the culture of a country. It will keep on changing depending on the situation. We evolved through a lot of cultural change. In my childhood, I will rarely hear about love marriages around me. But just look at the people around you now. There was no cell phone and internet in my childhood. But look at everywhere now. There was so many restrictions some 100 years back for a fellow to talk with their opposite gender. But look at the space now. That is what called as culture.

Many politicians started accusing the injection of western culture as the main reason behind these rape incidents and they are expressing their age old ideas and thoughts on it. They should look at themselves along with their family in a mirror before saying anything. Their views might work if we have strict law and order policy. That is also not possible in this country. Many people want the rape incident accused to be hanged or strict punishments like in Arab countries. The people who said this must look at the rules imposed on women in those countries.

Do you think the rape incident is the biggest issue in this country? Definitely not. It is just the views of the people behind those media. Those medias are just injecting their views into people’s mind. There are much bigger threats. Last week a politician from a state publicly made an open hate statement against a community. The sad part is all the people around him claps for that speech. They don’t know they are being fooled and they are victimized for his political advantage. When there is something goes bad, all the innocent aam aadmis will fall as victims for these idiots. And these politicians will just penetrate and come out through another loop hole in our so called law. What about the people stashing black money abroad? Where is the media about these news? Whatever the news, it will be in headlines till they get a next bigger news than this. Then all the people will start talking about the new incident in all the social media. Then these media fellows will automatically change their gaze on the new news. This is also a recent popular culture here. NONE of the media is neutral in India.

Regarding the rape incident, apart from giving strict punishments there should be a change in people’s mind set about women. That should come by a social change by injecting a view on people’s mind. We don’t need to teach everyone about how they should be. Let us just be an example for others and the people around us will automatically change. The change won’t come from outside and it should start with in ourself.