Its now B.E., M.B.A.,

Yes, I am done with my distance education MBA degree on Computer Systems Area from Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai. I joined in 2010. At that time I was in Hyderabad. So I will come down to Chennai for the exam for the first two semesters. Then I moved to Chennai. It become very easy, since the exam center is just nearer to my office. It was a nice experience to have a PG degree. I have just completed my final semester exams two days back. I hope I will get a good score too. Though, it will not be useful to pursue a management related career, it makes me happy and also I am feeling proud. Now I am moving towards my next target, but I am not sure how far it is feasible.

To be frank, I will suggest others not to take this course from this university till they update the syllabus. Because all the subjects are around 20 years old. And the question paper pattern will be very poor. Most of the questions will be generic and will not be available in book. It makes you to write your own story most of the time. And whatever you write, you will not get more than 70 marks. This is not a criticism. That is the fact. I am planning to intimate this to the coordinator of the MBA program when I go to the college.

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