What is this magical number? Yes, Its a date. It completes quarter century of my age. I had wished for that day for a long time from my child hood. I was wondered on the day when the date 9-9-99 came when I was in 8th standard in school. At that time I fixed a dead line to my self to achieve a target for 10-10-10, even though I was partially successful which was created by my half-baked mindset at that time 🙂 , I am not able to achieve it properly. Anyway its not about money. Now its time to conclude the target for 12-12-12. There is already 3 on the row to be completed. I hope I can complete atleast 2 out of 3. 2 is too good for me. Let me wait till that. I will write more about this when I have time.

By intrepidkarthi

I am Karthikeyan, working as a software professional, interested in Travelling, Bike riding, PC Gaming, Reading Novels, Blogging, Writing thamizh poems.

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