Self social media policy

I was thinking about this for a long time. I may be not be only one thinking about this. Yes, the thing is to get rid of social networking or atleast restrict access to It is very easy to restrict access by editing /etc/hosts file in the system. But I don’t want to do this. That is very simple to do. I want to have time specific restriction to it.
I mean, I want to access for 15 minutes in two days. My system should allow me to access the site in between 9 – 9:15 PM on alternative days. There is a lot of browser plugins to implement this. But I want to have it independant of browser and I don’t want some other softwares utilizing my CPU cycles. I am using Windows 7. So I am trying to implement it by any alternative ways. I have written batch script. I don’t want the window to be minimized all the time. To make it invisible I need to write another vb script. So currently I am trying to write on windows service using python or C#. Let me post the final output once it is done completely. Definitely it will be useful for many people who are all affected with faceboophobia.

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