Information retrieval from Social web

I was thinking of writing this for a long time. Just had time today to write on this. But still I am unclear in what will be the impact in it and how it can be efficiently implemented.

Extracting information from the social web. There are so many analysis going on around this. Cloud computing is the hottest topic as of now around the technical world. Everybody is trying to prove who is great in it.

Research on cloud data analyses useful information about topics, companies, and individuals and much more. Social web takes a great part in it. It is the place where people share advice, opinions, facts, news,  rumors, moods, concerns, and everything else imaginable. Most of that data is public and available for mining. It becomes faster medium than anything else in spreading out data to the world. Consider Twitter and Facebook. At a single shot, you can communicate a news to 1000 friends who are all in your friend’s list.

The point where I am heading is, much complex way of using the social web data. Identifying a person’s character using the social web data. For example, consider me. As of now, I have posted around 600 tweets. And I have posted around 100 blog posts and much facebook status messages. Why not we gather all the data? There are services available to do that. For example, will do that.

As my college final year project we have implemented one semnatic search engine. I am planning to continue and improve it using social web data with data mining and classification narrowed to one particular person. There are services available to classify data. But it is not grouping all the data available throughout internet. It just groups data and gives textual and graphical representation of it. But I want to go one more step than that.

Considering the data from my twitter posts, my spider must be able to categorize my character as a person who wants to travel, and who tweets more about social occurences and a little of cinema. I have some idea about how to implement it. But I am not yet sure about it. I will blog about it more later and also about the implementation part.

Let me write about it ASAP.


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