Norton Ninja – Security suite for your Android

The name Ninja comes from the ancient martial art from Japan specializing in unorthodox arts of war. When Ubuntu and Android follow a legacy on naming, then why not we? Let us follow our own legacy of naming on fighting against enemies. Yes, we are fighting against enemies in cloud and mobile battle field. Here enemy can come from any direction and in any form. But our ultimate aim is to protect our identity and destruct enemy. Our mantra is “Whatever/ whoever  the enemy is, we have to win at last”.

Malicious action on your mobile can be sending out spam messages to all the contacts in your mobile, transferring your mobile personal details and also details about other apps, calling your friend anonymously, finding and sending your exact location data, activating and transferring data via blue tooth automatically, infecting your SD card, hiding/deleting/encrypting your data.  Ninja faces all sort these threats for you and protects you from them.

Check the complete post @ Symantec Connect portal. Norton Ninja

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