Movie review – Ravanan

Yesterday night , a gang of 22 guys went to the film Ravanan in iMax Prasads theatre here. But for a change we watched from the second row. A much expected Mani Ratnam’s movie starring Vikram, Aishwarya, Prithviraj,Prabhu, Karthik(old), Priyamani. Anyway I missed ‘Usire Pogudhe’ song due to heavy rain here.


The story of the film just touches the glimpses of epic Ramayana in which Ravana kidnaps Seetha and Hanuman meets her in Ashokavanam. The director tried to depict it here.

Vikram and his gang belongs to a local village. He is a big hand in his area heling his people like the Naxal people. The police officer who comes there Prithviraj doesn’t like it. So he plans to kill him. Meanwhile, Vikram’sister (Priyamani) loves a guy from some other caste. Anyway Vikram accepts it and arranges for their marriage. The police gang enters into the marriage function and shoots Vikram on his neck. But he escapes from there.That lover escapes from there after seeing police. Some Police officer brutally rapes Priyamani in Police station. On the next day, she commits suicide.

To get the revenge back, she kidnaps Prithvi raj’s wife(Aishwarya). They are keep on running from police’s eyes into the dark forest. Prabhu made a good role as Vikram’s brother. Karthik works as a forest officer along with Prithvi as a comedian and as a Hanuman to Seetha.

When the police kills Vikram’s another brother, he gets angry and fights with them. They have shooted a nice fight sequence on a hanging bridge between Vikram and Prithvi. Any way it is a make up of graphics only. But they have made it nicely. After the fight Vikram lets Aishwarya to go with her husband.

But Prithvi doubts on her because she was with him for the past 14 days and he tells what Vikram said to him. But actually Vikram doesn’t even touches her. Aishwarya gets so much angry and stops the train and go back to him asking regarding that. But Vikram tells what he really told. Then only he understands that it is just a trap to identify him and his place. Atlast a police gang surrounds him and Prithvi shoots him and he will fell down to a cliff.
The story ends like this.

The main thing in this film is, the places they have chosen to shoot. It is really awesome. Really they have made a great effort for that and the next one is Cinematography. It is really nice. Actually I expected a different climax. But this is also normal as others. We can watch it once for their efforts. In total, Ravanan is a visually greenish episode of epic Ramayana.