Movie review – Sura

This is my movie review and also blog posting after a long time. I don’t need to explain that much about this film. Anyway it was a nice time pass for us. A gang of 14 people went to GVK mall inox on friday night show. As we expected, normally our hero will jump from any where for the opening scene. In this film, as his name suggests he is coming out from sea and flying in air in introduction.

I don’t know why Vijay have chosen his 50th film to be like this. Even comedy also doesn’t suit in this film. I think its time for vadivelu to move. None of his comedie are new. Heroine Thamanna doesn’t have that much important role in it. For a change, instead of three villains only one villain is there in this film. It is worst than his previous films.

Hero is fighting for him slum people for building houses for them. So he is opposing one minister for that and building homes atlast for all the people. Thats the short and sweet story line.

Sura = 5 songs + 4 fights + 1 villain + mokkai comedies + Unnecessary punch dialogues

I have spent 160 rupees for this film. I am really feeling for that. Here after I need to analyze before watching Vijay films. Waiting for Ravan and Enthiran soon to screens. No more films till that. 🙂

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