Oracle functions

From today onwards I am going to share something technical like “tip of the day” in a daily basis. i will try to make it daily.

select ascii(‘K’) from dual

This ascii function returns ascii value for the given value.

select asciistr(‘Ä Ê Í Õ’) from dual

This function converts a string in any character set to an ASCII string using the database character set. The output of this query will be “\00C4 \00CA \00CD \00D5”

select chr(100) from dual

This function returns the character for the given ascii value. it is just opposite to ascii function.

select compose(‘o’ || unistr(‘\0308’) ) from dual

This function returns the unicode value for the given character

select concat(‘karthi’, ‘keyan’) from dual

select ‘karthi’||’keyan’ from dual

The above two functions are used for concatenation

select dump(‘NGK’) from dual

This function returns data type, length and internal representation of it.

select initcap(‘i like the way i am’) from dual

This capitalizes the initial character from each word in the sentence

select instr(‘karthi’,’a’,1) from dual

This returns the position of the given substring from the input string. Here the argument 1 will try to match its first occurence.

select lpad(‘7′,3,’0’) from dual

This function returns ‘007’. It pads zero on the left side.

select ltrim(‘ karthi’) from dual

This function trims spaces on the left side


Movie review – Vinnai thandi varuvaya

கடந்த சனிக்கிழமை நான் விண்ணைத் தாண்டி வருவாயா திரைப்படம் பார்த்தேன். எல்லோருக்கும் எளிதாகப்
புரிய வேண்டும் என்பதனால் இனி ஆங்கிலத்தில் தொடர்கிறேன்.Laughing

I have seen many movies in the mean time(Avatar, Aayirathil oruvan, Leader, karthik calling karthik). But I am not able to write reviews often. Hereafter i will do it regularly.

I love that movie verymuch because of its songs and cinematography. This film is directed by Goutham Vasudev Menon and produced by Udayanidhi Stalin. Songs and BG music by our king AR Rahman. Songs are really rocking. I love the promo song of this film very much. Simbu reenters into cinema with a different character apart from his usual style after a long time. He is booked for his next film with Manirathnam.  He has got great opportunity.

Story line:

Karthik (Simbu), a mechanical engineer with the dreams of making films, meets Jessy (Trisha), a Malayalee Christian girl and she is working in a software company. The love starts at first sight for our hero. She lives on the top floor with her family. Karthik’s passionate wooing melts Jessy, who finally succumbs to his love. But trisha’s family is more orthodox. After a certain extent, he decides not to let himself fall in love with Jessie and shakes hands with her to be friends. But, later reasserts that it’s all for the sake of wooing her. And now, Jessie is literally confused with this relationship and when her parents get to know, things get worsened as they arrange her marriage with someone. She knows that they wont accept eventhough she is loving him.
Hero joins as a assistant director to KS Ravikumar. The character of Ganesh (one of the producers of this film), who appears as a cameraman cum hero’s friend in the film, is really interesting. He comes along with hero in most of the scenes. He wents for a shooting to Goa. In the mean time they are searching alliance for her. So he calls hero to come. She feels very much worried because of him. But in his busy time he is coming after two days to meet her. But she is not accepting him at that moment since he doesn’t come when she needs.

After sometime they are arranging marriage for her. But in the last minute they are she cancels the marriage. Trisha’s surroundings thinks it is because of Simbu and there was a fight between them. Trisha confirms their family that it is not because of him. So they releases Simbu from police station. Their love ends there.

After an year our hero becomes a Director. And he is making a film in the name of Jessy and what happens in their life. In the mean time of his shooting he meets
Trisha in foreign. There also he exposes his love without knowing she is married already. That is the end of the film.

And Trisha looks good and has delivered fine performance. In over all the film is good to see. They should avoid some common english filthy words. It becomes a comkon one in most of the films now a days, that too used by hero when he speaks with heroine.

My review not ends here. I want to know what does it mean by Love? I am really confused of it from many films. Love starts in the first sight itself? How is it possible? Love is related to physical structure alone? In this film, heroine very well knows that they wont accept their love eventhough she loves our hero. She is not even ready to tell about him eventhough she had a chance. It happens not only in film. All the films are creating a wrong path in exposing what is love. If it is a real love between them they should marry.

If they feel their career is important, then what the **** they are in love? Obsessed with films for using these type of words Tongue out. The fellows who is afraid of parents should not fall in love. In present days love means, chatting, enjoying and roaming together and being apart when it comes into real life because of family back grounds. That short time enjoyments are not love. My suggestion is become a saint or nun if you cant join with your lover in your lifeWink . I know it is not practical in real life. So love should come if you feel that your parents will accept or you are ready to face any type of challenges. That is what I am coming to say. I remember a sentence written in my AG note by my friend soundhar -> “Don’t ever believe a person completely unless you are going to marry them”. This will be suitable for present day so called lovers :).

I am not an enemy of love. I respects it very much. Don’t think wrongly about me. The contents on the last two paragraphs does not reflect any character in this earth. All those contents are from my mind alone and what I just thought to say. Cool