TOSS inaugration

It was my great pleasure to tell about the release of TOSS(TCE Operating System Services), an operating system has a full compatibility and capality to debian and Ubuntu distributions. It has all the features related to all engineering applications. It is sophicated for engineering students. And also it made a great success for us because it was released on TecUthsav inaugural day, yesterday. The alpha version of TOSS was released by TCS ’s CTO(Chief Technology Officer) Dr. Ananth Krishnan. It was fully developed and integrated by my juniors, second year buddies. I am really proud to tell this. Because before some months, we have made a try to do the same. But unfortunately we had no time to do that. But they made it as possible. It is not just another spin of Ubuntu or Debian. All the core part of them are remaining as such, while they have changed and configured all the external things as per the GPL license. They have all major engineering applications such as Qcad, Jeda, Ktech lab, Xcircuit, GCC, G++, GCJ, perl, python, php, Network games, Dvd burner, Vlc, Amarok, Gimp, Picasa, Screenlets and much more. We have made all the arrangements in our open air auditorium and function was a successful one for us. And also this linux distribution is a free edition. So anyone can get it. If you want free DVD of TOSS, you can very well contact CSE department of TCE, Madurai.

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