I am currently working on developing the website for tecuthsav09 with my juniors, second year guys. We are using LAMP stack where we have used Xhtml, css, java scripts, jQuery, mysql, php and ajax scripting in this. It is coming as we expect. I think today it will be hosted in the server if everything got right. Still there are some corrections to do in the code. After completing the work we are planning to go to Aarthi drive inn for a small treat with juniors. Today i am going to meet the head person in Reliance madurai regarding tecuthsav. Every other buddies went to their home. So i have a lot of places to visit them regarding getting sponsorship for tecuthsav2009. Definitely this time also it will become a great success as last year. Here is the link for the site:

By intrepidkarthi

I am Karthikeyan, working as a software professional, interested in Travelling, Bike riding, PC Gaming, Reading Novels, Blogging, Writing thamizh poems.

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