TecUthsav 2009

I am really glad to work with the TECUTHSAV team in my college. Oh, first let me tell about tecuthsav. Tecuthsav, a national wide technical extravaganza organized by TCE students. This is the second time we are going to conduct. Now we are working on it. Last year our seniors made it to be a grand success. This time we will make it rock!!!

It is going to be on February 9 – 19 next year, a 11 day festival for our college. I am really proud to be a part of TCE. I am really happy to work with my peer buddies and also with my juniors for this tech fest. This time it is gonna be a grand budget than last year, almost reaching 2 million. Till now seven companies have accepted to sponsor for our events. They are all listed in our website. We are still approaching many companies. I think some of them will finish in positive feedbacks.

And I am working with my juniors for developing the portal for this event.After a huge struggle we have almost completed the work for this. But still we are updating the site every now and then. The posters were sent to all the colleges in and out tamilnadu. We expect more number of participants this time. Currently the site is open for registration. Online registration for all the events are going on now. This time we are conducting more no of contests than last time since we have more time span.

Since we are in our final semester, we will make a mark in TCE history with this event. Here is the link for tecuthsav portal. Link to Tecuthsav 2009 portal

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