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Yeah.That is MyBook. A kutty software created for storing the details of our friends.It was boring for me for the past two days.So i have created this in VB.Net using visualStudio2005 IDE. This has the connectivity with MS Access database. I have also stored image in the database.But for storing images i have referenced some other codings.

For this software we must have some system reqirements:

OS: Windows XP sp2,Windows Vista
Processor:1.3 Ghz or above
RAM: minimum 384 MB necessary. It is still slow in my 512 MB RAM system
VisualStudio 2005 IDE
If you just want to run the program means, you must have dotnet framework 2.0 must be installed in your system.
You may download this software from . I have uploaded it here. Otherwise if you have gmail account you may search it in files link in the csesparks(my college mates group) group. But this is only for the members in the group.

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