Presentation at Cutting Edge conference

It was great to be a part of the conference Cutting Edge 2012 from Symantec Corporation, Chennai on 16, 17th feb. To gear up the event we conducted a treasure hunt contest and the response was huge than my expectation. I was happy to create the portal. Then I was part of the Norton Android lab opening ceremony. Our VP appreciated my app. To say more on it, I presented a paper on “Security-as-a-Service enhancements to the existing Symantec.Cloud services”. It was great to present a paper on Security in a hacker’s perspective. Let me give a link to the presentation after sometime. Expecting a lot in the coming days! 🙂


Piracy – Easy loop hole for virus

Recently  one of my friend had posted a link in his facebook wall to download a movie which was supposed to release on the next day. Yes. Really. The movie was uploaded on the previous day to the actual release date. Some people are arguing that watching pirated movies in online is not illegal. It is illegal only if you upload it somewhere for downloading. Then the same thing applies to software piracy also. Is it legal to use any pirated software since you have not uploaded it anywhere?

Software piracy costs $40 B in 2006(Report) and $51 B in 2009(Report) which has raised to $59 B in 2010(Report). A bigger growth than an established software company’s growth. Consider this growth for upcoming years since we are moving everything into digital form. This figure includes not only the loss to the software companies and also the money of the people who uses pirated software.

The people who uses pirated version of any copyrighted digital content say movies, software, music is under violation as per the law. They are free until the cyber crime cops catch them. But it is not an easy job to catch all the people since they are everywhere. So it is becoming to very easy for the hackers to attract people who needs pirated contents.

It is very easy to enforce security to avoid piracy. There is a simple way. Whenever you want to use a software/watch movie/listen music you have to ensure your authentication through Internet. It seems a simple way from a company’s perspective but from the user’s perspective it will be a pain point. What will happen if the user doesn’t have an internet connection and still want to use the software? Will the company deny it? That is the reason they are not able to take any hard decision against the customers. It may reflect in losing some customers which will give negative impact on their business.

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Norton Ninja – Security suite for your Android

The name Ninja comes from the ancient martial art from Japan specializing in unorthodox arts of war. When Ubuntu and Android follow a legacy on naming, then why not we? Let us follow our own legacy of naming on fighting against enemies. Yes, we are fighting against enemies in cloud and mobile battle field. Here enemy can come from any direction and in any form. But our ultimate aim is to protect our identity and destruct enemy. Our mantra is “Whatever/ whoever  the enemy is, we have to win at last”.

Malicious action on your mobile can be sending out spam messages to all the contacts in your mobile, transferring your mobile personal details and also details about other apps, calling your friend anonymously, finding and sending your exact location data, activating and transferring data via blue tooth automatically, infecting your SD card, hiding/deleting/encrypting your data.  Ninja faces all sort these threats for you and protects you from them.

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