Orissa trip

Last Thursday(9th Sep), myself and Balaguru went on a trip to Orissa. It was really a nice experience to roam around there. Ashwath is working there and we were
roaming together for the three days fully on his bike.

Bhubaneswar is 1100 KM away from Hyderabad. We started at Thursday afternoon and reached there at Friday afternoon. Nearer to the station I have seen many places named Kalinga. Later only I came to know that, It was the place where Kalinga war held between Kalinga state and Mauryan Emperor Ashoka. And also there is a monument which is built after the end of the war by him. He left war and invading into others area and followed Buddhism after that. There are more buddhist sites around Bhubaneswar and cuttack named Udayagiri, Ratnagiri and more.We went to his home. The rents are cheaper when compared to other cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai and Chennai.

After some time, we were roaming around the road side of Bhubaneswar. The roads are nice there inside the city. Because it was a planned city like Chandigarh. It is made as capital next to Cuttack in 1948. I have noticed one thing in roads. There is no need to write number in the front plate on any two wheeler. Instead they can write their own name. We went to some malls there. We can’t find even a single girl wearing any indian dresses. It is developed very much in this Laughing. Then we went to a Ram mandir there. It was good.

The next day we started at 3:30 AM to Paradeep port to see Dolphins in early morning. He arranged for one more bike with one of our college mate Vinoth from mechanical department. While starting Police stopped us and we were talking with them for sometime. And they came down to asking money for tea expense Cool. They are similar everywhere in this. After 4 hours of travel for 160 KMs through highway we reached Paradeep port. The sea shore was really nice. I will post all my photos in Picasa. You can see it there. We four were the people at that beach. Unfortunately we could not able to see any dolphins there Cry. Due to heavy rain the water at shore became like mud color. Any way we spent around three hours there and returned back.

While returning we took another route which is worst I have ever seen. We took some photos on the way of returning while it was returning. At some places, it looks similar to Kerala. Then in the evening we went to some more malls there. We ate a dish called Googni in a road side shop. It was nice and similar to the masala of puri.

On the next day, we have started at 4:00 AM and travelled around 80 KM to reach Konark Sun temple at first. It was built for Arka(Sun God) by King Narasimhadeva-I in 13 th century. It was really a wonderful place to say. I loved it very much than others because of its architecture. It looks like a chariot with twelve pairs of exquisitely designed wheels being pulled by seven spirited horses. There is a huge mystery around this temple when I searched about this temple in net. Because the entire temple was destroyed. Around 50% of its architecture is collapsed by some kings belong to kalapahad.

Due to its gigantic structure they were unable to bring down its whole structure. Still the outer body of the chariot remains. The temple is very much popular for its erotic sculptures around the chariot. I have got many many doubts upon seeing those sculptures. Becuase Indians following the culture of Monogamy marriage. But most of the sculptures there symbolizes polygyny and polyandry type of relationships. Even the wheels of the chariot filled with so many sculptures. But most of the structures around the main temple are brought down. Even the interior of the main building also closed by Government. There must be some reason why the temple was closed. But I didn’t get any reference for that.

Even the statue of God also destroyed. But they didn’t do patch work for God eventhough they did for other places. There must be some secret behind it. I am not sure about it. After roaming around there for sometime we had our breakfast there and started to Puri which is 35 KM away from there. In Puri there is Jagananath temple(Lord Krishna). We roamed around there for sometime and spent sometime in Puri beach and started moving back for Train. While returning, his bike tyre got punctured. After giving it for repair in a near by village workshop, we sat on a tea shop near by there. There was a fellow who might be a speaker in local politics. He was talking about politics in all the states. He knows about Jayalalitha well, than Present CM. He knows her as a brave lady and he was keep on talking many things and was asking questions. After buying some sweets we came to railway station. And reached here on next day morning. Smile

Planning of next trip soon!!! Tongue out