Jai Telangana

I had a nice experience on this week trip from Chennai to Hyderabad. The Hyderabad Express train started at 5 PM from Chennai Central. It was supposed to reach Hyderabad on next day morning 5 AM. But it was delayed due to Telangana Agitation. Let me come to this later.

Today I was going through wiki pages regarding Telangana problem and how it wa started. Initially Telangana was a separate state which was initially ruled by Cholas. Then it was captured by Kakatiya Dynasty, then as the days went it was ruled by Delhi Sultanate in the 14th century, followed by Bahmanis, Qutb Shahis, and the Mughals. As the Mughal Empire began to disintegrate in the early 18th century, the Muslim Asafjahi dynasty established a separate state known as Hyderabad.(Source: Wiki) Through out the days it was not under Madras presidency or Bombay. It was maintained as a separate state.

At the time of Indian states Reorganisation, it was under Hyderabad Nizam. Rebellion had started throughout the state against the Nizam’s rule and his army, known as the Razakars. The Razakars, led by their chief, Qasim Razvi, massacred many people and rebels to suppress the movement. They destroyed many temples and monuments across the state. Mass assassinations, similar to Jallianwala Bagh massacre, took place through out the state.[citation needed] The Government of India annexed Hyderabad State on 17 September 1948, in an operation by the Indian Army called Operation Polo. When India became independent, Telugu-speaking people were distributed in about 22 districts, 9 of them in the former Nizam’s dominions of the princely state of Hyderabad, 12 in the Madras Presidency (Andhra region), and one in French-controlled Yanam.(Source: Wiki) They have carved out the borders based on the language. Similarly, Karnataka, Kerala, Madras state(Later it was renamed as Tamilnadu) was formed. There was some agitation at the time of creation but it was controlled.

It has crossed 60 years after its creation. Now they have reiterated the agitation again. Sri Krishna Committee was appointed by Central Government to identify the possibilities to form Separate state. Based on their analysis, they have given 6 options. But nowhere they have mentioned it to be a separate Telangana. The main reason behind is their capital, Hyderabad City. Current Andhra Pradesh looks like a state without head. Because there was no such agitation till YSR’s death. The current Congress government needs central government’s involvement in whatever they do.The current AP’s revenue largely hoping upon Hyderabad city. Other parts of AP, Royalaseema and Costal Andhra is only based on Agriculture and Fishing. If they split Telangana into a separate state, then surely it will affect the development
of Seemandhra. That is the only reason Government is fearing of.

There is another serious concern in this. There are some other 5 states also in the need of separate statehood. If they give it to Telangana, then problem of single state will lead to many. So the Government is waiting for the right time to split it.

Let me come back to my problem. Because of Telengana agitation, some of their protesters stopped our train 100 KMs away from Secunderabad. It was not even a railway junction. So all the people have started walking towards the nearby bus stand. All of them has started catching whatever vehicle comes on their way. We had a nice timing on that trip. Finally we took a cab from Chotuppal to Hyderabad. It was really a memorable trip.