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Crazy reply for a bug report

Crazy reply for a bug report

Today I was searching for a story writing software. And I found Storybook ( seems to be very much useful for my purpose. It is really nice application for story writers. It is available for both Windows and Linux. Code is completely written in Java. There was free version of it and as well as a pro version has additional features as we can see in all the software. And the cool part is, it is an open source software. I was just exploring it and I found a simple bug in it to crack the free version to pro version. The reply from the developer seems to be crazy 🙂 . I thought of helping them before many people find it. It turned out differently. He wants me to buy it compulsorily. I raised the bug as a critical one. He changed it to normal. I am adding the link and also the contents here. But he become angry on me for some reason and made the bug status to fixed without mentioning any reason 🙂


Reported bug:
Storybook is cool software to use. It solves my purpose to have a story writer. I am not sure whether you have fixed this critical bug in the build 3.2.0. I am using the free software in my windows 7 system. There is no option to export the contents since it is available only to the pro version. But i am able to crack it very easily. In the export option dialog, just the mouse listener is disabled but still keyboard inputs are working. You can go to the save button using the ‘tab’ key in keyboard and press ‘enter’. You can get the export option window 🙂

1. Comment by Martin (Martin) – Sunday, 18 March 2012, 14:21 GMT+1
Thanks, but you do realize that supporting a software means buying it, because else no more development will be done, right?

2. Comment by Karthikeyan NG (intrepidkarthi) – Sunday, 18 March 2012, 14:41 GMT+1

I just downloaded the software and was working on it. Just found the bug in the 5 minutes of use and reported it. Still I need to explore it more to buy it. I would like to have some more features in it. I will raise feature requests later. I don’t understand your reply. Will you still pay 30$ for a software, if you can crack it without a hassle? I am reporting you the bug to fix it to make it error free atleast before many user finds it. Because this bug just makes all your efforts to null. I can write a patch when I have time to do it 🙂

3. Comment by Martin (Martin) – Sunday, 18 March 2012, 14:46 GMT+1
Yes, I would, because Software development is work, and work should be paid, don’t you think? I actually do not understand why people think software has to be free these days (not talking about open source but about no costs). What else in the world is free then? We have to eat, we have to pay rent, we have to pay bills – like you. Think about it!

4. Comment by Karthikeyan NG (intrepidkarthi) – Sunday, 18 March 2012, 14:58 GMT+1

Your reply sounds crazy. I love open source and I have contributed to it. I understand your concern. But you understand one thing. People will buy it only if they find it useful and they like it. First fix it before everybody finds it out.

Latest update to it: They have deleted my bug report itself. Anyway I have a screenshot! 🙂

Coaching class to school students

Coaching class to school students

Today I took a discrete mathematics class for 12th standard students at a school in the outskirts of Chennai. The students were not able to score well in their school exams and they have annual public examination in another 15 days, which decides their fate. Today I felt very much happy. Because they were very much happy after the session because they understood very well it seems. They asked me to take some more classes also. I will do it if time permits before their exams.

After the session, I was talking to them about their ambitions. Most of them doesn’t have anything to do because they have already started working in part time in medical shops and super markets. So if the marks doesn’t come well they plan to continue the same job as such. They don’t have nothing other than that in mind. But they want to do something better.

Interested people can contact me if you wish to take sessions on 12th subject. We can bring them up.
Place: Corporation school @ Kannagi nagar, Sholinganallur, Chennai