Nagarjuna sagar trip

At 4:00 AM, a gang of 17 people started from Hyderabad to Nalgonda on last saturday.We have booked for a cab. At first we had planned to go to Ettipothala waterfallswhich is situated 160 KM away from Hyderabad and 15 KM away from Nagarjuna Sagar dam.We reached there around 8:00 AM.It was really a nice place to visit in AP. The waterfalls might be 60 feet height from ground.

It was really nice to see. Check out my photos in picasa. in Telugu, ettipotala means “lift and pour”. The view from above the falls was really fantastic. The stream downside of the falls comes from Chandravanka Hill, then it merges into a local lagoon. The river Chandra Vanka mounts along the Muthukuru along the eastern side of the Nallamala hills. Chandra Vanka stream cascades from a greater height and unites with the Tumurukota reserve forest, from where it derives its name Ethipothala Waterfalls which ultimately combines with the Krishna River(Source: Google search).

It is not possible to reach nearer to the falls since it is a crocodile breeding center. Anyway we managed to take bath in the running water in the downstream.

Later we moved to Nagrajuna sagar dam reservoir around 12:00 AM. There is a boat trip from there to an island in Nagarjunakonda valley in between mountains. It was a nice boat trip for more than an hour. There are some monuments and a museum. I don’t know whe they were built. The museum has a collection of lime stones of a Buddha temple belonged to 2nd century.

There was a huge crowd at that place. Students from many colleges and scholls was there. That boat trip is really a risky one. Because they won’t give you any life jacket. And they are pulling people inside boats, like in a town bus. Near the island, the water depth is measured as 590 feet.

Around 5:30 PM we started boarding on boat. Again took a trip for one hour, in dark. Any way the trip was really nice. Then we reached back to home around 10:00PM.