Movie review – Endhiran(Robo)

This is the review after seeing ‘Endhiran’ twice here in iMax Prasadz. Actually it was a nice experience to see “Endhiran” on opening day. But the response was similar to a theatre in Chennai. We had a huge crowd here also. I have seen many movies on the opening show here. But total theatre will maintain silence. But only for Superstar’s movie I have seen whistles and dances and all sort of things. Being a biggest ever budgeted Indian Movie by Sun pictures Kalanidhi Maran, directed by Shankar, Music by AR Rahman, Endhiran crossed the box office hit of an Bollywood movie.

Superstar Rajni
Superstar Rajni

Endhiran is completely different than his other movies. Because hero enters into screen without any action scene. Total movie is dragged by Shankar and not by superstar. Dr. Vaseegaran(Rajni) creates a robo which has all capabilities other than human feelings.

Heroine Aishwarya rai(Sana) also enters normally. Hero creates the robo with all capabilities and he is dressing it which looks similar to him called as Chitti. The first half of the movie was vary nice with colorful songs and nice show off from the robo actions and fight sequences. Rajni’s aim is to give the robo to Indian army. So he is bringing it before a commission which is headed by Prof. Bora, who is the guru for Rajni. Being jealousy on Rajni, he disapproves his project because it doesn’t have any
feelings and it can’t be used in army to kill enemies fearing it will kill our own people unklnowingly. In the mean time, Bora also tries to develop a robo which will be used for mass destructions. So, illegally deals with some fellows and gets a contract to create 100 similar robots. So he is getting help from Rajni’s assistants Santhanam and Karunas.

pic courtesy: ibnlive news portal
Due to its failure in approval process, Rajni decides to give feelings for chitti and he trains it. And mutually it gives problem for Rajni. Because of that it also starts loving Sana. After sometime, Chitti starts arguing with Vaseegaran for Sana. Using this Bora tries to pull Chitti by his side.

In no way, Vaseegaran gets angry and brakes Chitti into pieces and throws it. Then Bora helps Chitti and creates its version 2.0, then the action sequences comes into the second part with Villain Chitti. Chitti kidnaps Sana from the marriage hall and fights with everybody. It clones itself exponentially. We can see old villain Rajni, which is very much suitable for him. In that fight, vaseegaran atlast controls Chitti and brings it back to his control.

The last half an hour is full of graphical sequences which is first in any indian cinema. Really it was a nice try from an indian director. The story ends with Chitti dismantling himself. Being a Rajni’s fan I am really proud on seeing this film. Nobody might have expected Rajni will be having this much mass around the globe. It has crossed many mile stones in indian cinema. Nobody can say he is popular only because of his style and punch lines after seeing Endhiran.