Domains for SALE!

Yes, I am selling the domain names that I own. I bought my first domain 7 years back when I was in college for my personal blog. I am still writing blog on it regularly. Throughout the years I have changed the design many times.I have almost used all the popular PHP cms frameworks. Whenever I read some specific news on business ideas or startup companies and if I like that idea really, next thing what I will do is to search for a domain name related to that business. So that I can do something whenever I have time related to that idea. So, if I like a good domain name related to that business or if I find any good domain name, I will just buy it. It is not just me. There are many guys like me does the same exact thing.


Buying domain names is just like buying your own land to play on Internet world. Here .com is the royal player and everyone else follows. Buying and Selling domain names is like real estate on Internet. Or even if you have luck, you can even consider it as a lottery. Because we don’t know when someone will buy your domain and also the exact price tag. It may even vary between X $ to X million$. That depends anyway.

I love the site and for domain name suggestions. Both of them does good job. Here I am listing all the domain names I own. I will keep adding the sites as I am buying it.

If you want to buy any domain name from me, just ping me. I am not fixing any price tag for these. Lets chat over on it! 🙂

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