Trip to ooty

Last weekend on a trip to Ooty from Chennai. We were 10 people started from Chennai on 30th april night by bus. And we reached Coimbatore on 31st morning. We directly went to Ashwath’s home there. Later we went to Black thunder – water theme park at Mettupalayam which is one hour bus travel distance away from coimbatore. We enjoyed the whole day there in the theme park. The rides were good. But still it is the same for a long time from the time when I visited there around 6 years back.

From Black thunder it will take 3 hours of bus travel to ooty. And it is difficult to get seats in the buses nearer to the theme park. Otherwise you have to get hired cabs which will cost 150 rupees per head. So we went back to mettu palayam bus stand to get seats in the bus. We reached ooty around 10:30 PM. It is around 50 KMs of travel in hills.

We stayed in a lodge, which we booked through online. They charged 1200 rupees for a night per room. We took 2 rooms to accommodate 10 people. It was comfortably enough. On the next day, we took a car to roam around. It costs 2000 per day travel. We roamed through many tourist places that people usually watch. And we went around thodar tribal community people area. There was a sacred temple of them built by them. You can check that in my picasa photos. There was a big ball kind of stone, which they use it as part of the marriage ritual. The boy should lift the stone till the shoulder and through it behind him to get married. Still they follow those rituals it seems. It was nice to know. Then we returned back on the same evening and reached Chennai on April 2nd morning.


Kailasakona waterfalls trip

Last saturday six of us went to a trip to Kailasakona waterfalls in Chittoor, AP. We have started at 5:30 AM from Thiruvanmiyur on our bike. It is exactly 100KM away from Thiruvanmiyur. We drove till periya palayam(Take left after crossing red hills). Then we reached Uthukottai and had breakfast there. The falls is around 40 KM away from there. The road will be good when you enter AP. the road inside TN will be very worst. I loved this trip very much. It was really adventurous. After crossing Nagalapuram we can see the falls entrance board on your left. There is Kailasanathar Temple which is founded by Siddha Agasthiar a long time ago. There is a falls very nearby to the temple. Anyway we took the route to the hills to search the origin of the falls. We climbed up for 20-30 mins and we have reached one small pond which is 6 feet deep. It was nice to bath there and also little bit risky. Check the photos in picasa. It was a memorable trip really. Have a visit there for sure!


Tada falls trip – Ubbalamadugu falls

Last week six of us went to a trip to Ubbalamadugu waterfalls, famously called as Tada falls in AP. We have started at six on our bike. It is exactly 110 KM away from Thiruvanmiyur. We drove till varadaiah palayam in AP and had breakfast there. Then we reached waterfalls which is 7KM away from there. I loved this trip very much. It was really adventurous. Because there is no path to reach water falls. I have not seen this much pure water any where. Really you will love it. At some point, it was very much difficult to climb over the rock. It took 3 hours for us to reach the falls through rocks. Just around 10 people were there nearer to the falls. Everybody else feels it is risky to go there. Have a visit there for sure!


Check out our photos in picasa:


Mumbai Trip on new year 2011

This is a post after a long time. I didn’t write anything about my New year trip to Mumbai. I will elaborate it later. On December 31,2010 We(Me, BG, ganesh) reached Mumbai. On that day We have roamed roamed around Mumbai. We have stayed near Kanjur Marg.

On that day, we went to Hanging Garden. And in that new year eve, we went to Bandra. We went to Band stand beach there. The same beach that comes in Endhiran movie. Instead of band stand beach, we can name it as lover’s beach Smile. I don’t want to explain more on this. Our so called culture is being changed in these type of places Wink. We spent the last second of 2010 @ Mumbai sea shore.

On the next day, we went to Lonawala by heavily crowded local train. kavin and Ini also joined us. It is a popular hill station. But at the time we went there it was hot. There is Bushi dam. It is a small dam. And then we moved to one wax museum. It was nice. It is created by a Keralite it seems.

On the next day, Aishwarya and Anusha joined with us. We went to Nariman point to visit Gateway of India and Taj hotel. Then we walked towards Chowpathy beach from there for around two hours. Then we moved to a place called Mahalaxmi. There is Haji Ali Masjid. It was nice to visit a masjid after a long time. Then while returning back, we went to Matunga for a Tamilian hotel. This is the area where we can see more tamilians in Mumbai. Then we returned back to Hyderabad.
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Nagarjuna sagar trip

At 4:00 AM, a gang of 17 people started from Hyderabad to Nalgonda on last saturday.We have booked for a cab. At first we had planned to go to Ettipothala waterfallswhich is situated 160 KM away from Hyderabad and 15 KM away from Nagarjuna Sagar dam.We reached there around 8:00 AM.It was really a nice place to visit in AP. The waterfalls might be 60 feet height from ground.

It was really nice to see. Check out my photos in picasa. in Telugu, ettipotala means “lift and pour”. The view from above the falls was really fantastic. The stream downside of the falls comes from Chandravanka Hill, then it merges into a local lagoon. The river Chandra Vanka mounts along the Muthukuru along the eastern side of the Nallamala hills. Chandra Vanka stream cascades from a greater height and unites with the Tumurukota reserve forest, from where it derives its name Ethipothala Waterfalls which ultimately combines with the Krishna River(Source: Google search).

It is not possible to reach nearer to the falls since it is a crocodile breeding center. Anyway we managed to take bath in the running water in the downstream.

Later we moved to Nagrajuna sagar dam reservoir around 12:00 AM. There is a boat trip from there to an island in Nagarjunakonda valley in between mountains. It was a nice boat trip for more than an hour. There are some monuments and a museum. I don’t know whe they were built. The museum has a collection of lime stones of a Buddha temple belonged to 2nd century.

There was a huge crowd at that place. Students from many colleges and scholls was there. That boat trip is really a risky one. Because they won’t give you any life jacket. And they are pulling people inside boats, like in a town bus. Near the island, the water depth is measured as 590 feet.

Around 5:30 PM we started boarding on boat. Again took a trip for one hour, in dark. Any way the trip was really nice. Then we reached back to home around 10:00PM.


Srisailam trip

Yesterday(10th Oct, 2010), a gang of nine people planned for a trip to Srisailam, around 250 away from Hyderabad. Srisailam, really a nice place to visit which is a hill station but not that much cooler like Ooty, Kodaikanal.

Srisailam is a pilgrimage which is famous for the Bhramaramba Mallikarjunaswamy Temple(a form of Lord Shiva) on the banks of Krishna River. It is located on Nallamala Hills of Kurnool district. We have started our trip at 3:00 AM from home. To be surprise, we have booked for cab at 1:30 AM in morning and started at 3 :).

The road was not nice along the way. Any way we can able to reach in three hours in car. Because APSRTC buses will take 6 hours travel to reach there. Around 7:30 we were nearer to that area. We went to Mallelu theertham, a water falls inside the dense forest area which is 50 Km way from Srisailam on the way to Srisailam from Hyderabad. Take a left and from the road nearer to vativellu pally village and travel for 7 KM along the mud road to reach inside the forest area. Actually it is not a popular water falls, since it is almost closed for public visit. They have closed all the ways to reach nearer to tha falls. But anyway we were able to manage to reach nearer to the falls and we enjoyed a lot. A waterfalls in a deeper cliff fully surrounded by hills. Only we people were there. Since nobody is there, the water was very pure. It gave me the same experience of Panai theertham water falls in Papanasam in Tamilnadu. It was really nice experience. I will post all those photos soon in my gallery and also in Picassa. (http//

Next we went to Srisailam temple. On the way we can see Krishna dam which is a huge one. It is mainly built to produce electricity. We took somephots around there and went to temple. Inside temple there there was a huge queue like in Tirupati. So we bought special tickets and went inside temple after waiting around one hour in the queue. Srisailam has reference in both Ramayana and Mahabharatha. This temple is one of the 12 hallowed jyotirlingas. We can see epic heroes sculptures carved
inside the temple. After that, we went for a rope car travel from the hill to dam’s reservoir. There we had a nice boating around the hills. But we were not able to go to Akka mahadevi caves due to time constraints. She is said to be a poet and a worshipper of Shiva, who wrote poems about Lord shiva and stayed in those caves which is located inside the forest. It is located 16 KM from the Dam, we can reach there only by boat in an hour. We missed it. Next we have planned to go to Mannanur Sanctuary. Actually the total area around that place is a large tiger reserve. You can see Deers and Monkeys along the road way. But on the way to the sanctuary, we found the banks of Krishna. So we have changed the plan and enjoyed a lot there in water. Around 6:30 we have started to return. Around 11 PM we reached home back.