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INDIA and INDIAN educational system

INDIA and INDIAN educational system

Actually I thought of writing a post on this, a long time back. It happened when my sister’s daughter, a class VI kid asked me to write a HTML form with java script validation in it. That was the assignment given to her as part of the Computer science subject in her school. I tried to teach her but she could not understand. But she knows very well that what is and These are the websites used to give some obvious results that she expects for her school homeworks and assignments. The other assignments given to her were a website for her family and a power point presentation on a mathematical subject. I helped her in creating all these things.

Don’t be very excited like we are living in an advanced country. The funny part of this is everytime they do something like this, they should copy it in a 700 MB CD where obviously almost 699 MB will be wasted. The reason is the teacher doesn’t know any of these things. They could have told her to bring it in a usb drive or to send through email. She told me that the teacher never opened her submission at any time. This is just a procedure and submission is just a formality. I need to accept the fact that, in our college third year we had a Internet programming lab. In that we did some simple web designs using HTML and obviously we did javascript form validation as one of the assignment. 🙂

It is good to know that our college syllabus is changed after we came out. The point I am coming towards is the educational system in India. We are a developing country where we see a great growth in all part of the country. I accept that it is very difficult to implement even a very little change to reach more than a billion people. The Government is doing a good job in bringing out the best.

I am from the southern part of India, where the state government is distributing free laptops to all the school children as part of their electoral pledge. It is good move but howmany children will utilize it? Still in many schools there isn’t better infra structures. Obviously they couldn’t bring it to schools for studies because the classrooms will not be having enough power ports to charge all their laptops. Those computers are preloaded with both Windows and a Linux flavor. It is really nice to hear. But do they have teacher in every school to teach what is Linux and how to use it? I don’t have answer for this. If they don’t know how to use it, definitely they will go for the next option to use it for browsing unnecessary internet contents and watching pirated movies. Who will care about these consequences? Because the government fulfilled their pledges. Their duty is over. Think in this way, instead of giving 50 laptops to an average class room strength, they could have use it to setup a world class, class room infrastructure with an advanced computer lab with just 10-20 systems. And the central government is planning to giveaway Android tablets to all the school students in the country. Whatever I said for laptops, applies here too.

What is the use of an Android tablet or Linux Laptop, if they don’t know what is Linux and how to write an application for the device they have? [P.S: These tablets and laptops will be given to schools and colleges managed by government and affiliated to government only]

When it comes to colleges we have to submit thesis as part of the completion. Considering other colleges in our area, I am happy that we have a good infrastructure in our college for utilizing. As per my college procedures, we have to select a topic by having a IEEE paper as a reference paper. Anyway it is good in a way otherwise many will end up in doing age-old library management project. But there should be standards in evaluating the practical implication of each project. Instead it can be made compulsory to submit a paper in International journal as part of completion. I am not seeing any Indian based software industry leading the world market in any technology. It is really not good to say when we have so much energetic minds but still lagging in leading the western world. Obviously India has great potential for greater minds that is proven since all the best in technology industries have setup their R&D centers in India.

India is the wealthiest country with poor people!

The books I read

The books I read

Today morning there was a power outage in our area. Even our home UPS drained off. So I went to Anna library today. I found two nice books, one is Pro PHP security from apress and building an intelligent web from Rajendra akerkar and Pawan lingras. The first book is about security your PHP website in all the possible ways. Basically it explains how all the exploits are made. The second book is about semantic web, IR, data classification, NLP. I got more interest towards it, since I have done a project on it already. A book a day enriches your brain more and more 🙂

Reality is a bullshit really!

Reality is a bullshit really!

Today morning I was sitting idle and void in mind. Then after some time, I have started thinking of reality around me. I was thinking of the linked list of objects around me. It was me, my family and friends, my job, my hometown, and blah blah blah. I felt a little bit happy just for a while till the next list starts. After sometime it turned to be unsecure because the list started with the objects that I am yet to acquire. It continued as my dream car, my dream job, my dream family, my dream salary, my dream home, my dream living town, my dream gadgets, my dream future, all happy faces like in heaven. The total room was filled with vague feel. I felt like being a deaf and dumb for sometime till my mobile rings.

The call was from my bank where I have placed an order to buy some shares from a small cap industry in NSE yesterday. The lady on the call told me that the order will be cancelled since I have quoted a very low limit on the bid. I quickly opened my laptop and checked my demat account but before that the bid expired. Shit! I opened the site of a popular news channel. I can only see half naked photos of hollywood actresses and some glamour stills of Indian models in their front page which is given more preference than other news. Then opened my mail and there was some offer mails from e-commerce sites and credit card offers from my banks. Deleted all those mails including some spams. Closed the laptop in despise.

Later I switched on the television, there was a news on upcoming presidential election. India is on a economy crisis, a record time downfall of Indian rupee against American dollar. The government was sleeping from taking corrective measure at right time. They were busy in coming out of dirts from a bunch of scams. As of now, there is no scams atleast for a while. After leaving the right time to act upon it, they increased the petrol price to record high value. This is the achievement by the current FM and now he is going to be promoted to be the highest grade official of India. Yes, for the president post. What is the eligibility for the top post? Who should be honored? I don’t know. Nobody knows. I changed the channel, there was a dance show where some pairs were dancing and the judges gave away a huge applause to every pair and rated every team as 9 out of 10. I moved to next channel, there was a nice duet of my favorite actor. In the bottom of that channel they were showing sms texts from people. I don’t know how, all the texts in it had “i love you” or a girl name. Boys doesn’t have any other work it seems. And the tv channels will charge atleast 3 rs/sms. I don’t know whether those sms are real or they fake some texts to invite people to fell in their trap. In the next channel, I can see the same lady still selling an age-old fitness product for the past 6-7 years and then an astrologer in the next channel. Bull shit! Switched off the TV.

I was thinking of doing something useful but nothing struck mind. I saw yesterday’s news paper at the corner of the bed. I rolled on the bed towards it and opened the front page. There was an advertisement in the front page for a pent house avenue in sea shore and each house is price tagged at 1.49 Crore only. It made me a little bit tensed actually. I felt like tearing the paper and threw it into dust bin. If I work even for next 15 years in the software industry, I can’t buy it for sure. But still that is there in my dream list. Just left the paper there itself.

It was almost 10-11 AM. I just lied on the bed again and was looking at the ceiling fan without anything in mind. This time again I have started thinking of my dream list purposefully. What is the underlying linkage between all of them? Its my dream. It will be a dream till I only dream about it. I can understand it very well. But still why I am unable to achieve it? What is the barrier? Who blocks it from me? Atlast the answer is ME and ME alone. Nobody else.

What can make me perfect to do it? It is my interest towards it. I have so much of interest in achieving all of my dreams. And I am working towards it as I hope but I don’t know whether I am moving on the right path. What is the solution then? Do you think life runs on trail and error method? Can we run the whole life like that? Definitely I can’t. I should take some decisive action at the right time and also my interest should be over there.

Some people may think that I am stupid. But I can’t do anything for that. Somebody may ask me whether I am not satisfied with what I have or not. Unfortunately there is no answer for that from me other than my blinking eyes. The time reached almost 12PM. Still I didn’t getup from bed. Something sparked on my mind. I found the linkage between all the activities that I have done today. Can you get it now? Yes. It is money, money and money. But it is not everything. I know that. Money can make most of the things work. It will not give me a real life that I am longing for. Money can make all the objects around me happy but to make me also happy, I need something else. Still I am searching for it and spent almost 12 hours after that. Its 1:20AM but still I couldn’t figure it out. I am thinking whether I am on the right path or not. Still my friend is checking his office mails in laptop besides me!

Life is a two player zero sum game between me and me!

Running out of money, time and sleep for the month

Running out of money, time and sleep for the month

Sleeping very late for a couple of weeks. Trying to bring out something. Let me see how it goes. And postponing a lot of things for this. I am thinking of writing an app for pulling NSE/BSE data and give some feasible investment strategy as per my requirement and also working on revamping my site. Let me see how it comes out. Anything else??? No. Its okay. Signing off.

An alternative attitude

An alternative attitude

It started at my age NULL. Everything from my gender to school, dress, food and etc., had an alternative option and it still continues. Is there an alternative to stop this sensation?

Do we really need an alternative for everything that we do, see and all sort of feelings. Why don’t we feel happy with what we have or what we deserve? Is it good or sin? What will happen if there is no alternative?

I am not a good analyzer to do that. Because there can be an alternative analyzer who does it better than me. I was sitting at a local tiffin center for dinner yesterday. Egg is a common side-dish here for any cuisines in India. Some people who eats egg categorizes it into vegetarian dish and still they are considering themselves as vegetarians but not pure vegetarians. That is not an issue any way for me. One guy ordered a boiled egg at first. And then another guy ordered an omlette. The fellow next to me ordered a half boiled egg. Then the list was keep going with different flavors from different people like, full boiled egg, egg mixture, egg powdermass, egg without pepper, with more pepper, egg masala and so on. But the core product doesn’t change still. I simply ordered an omlette. (An additional unnecessary info: I am a semi-omnivore creature)

Everything changes from people to people. Hence what is the solution to this? It will be stopped only when people never think of an alternative option. I was talking with a fellow recently regarding some programming languages. I was telling that I am comfortable with floating around PHP. That fellow argued me that Python is better than PHP. I accept the fact but it doesn’t mean that Python is the best. Tomorrow something else can beat python. He never agreed my point. Then he should have created something like goosebook or nosebook to compete against to prove it. The same continues with Windows vs Linux battle. When something comes in bigger, people feel it as monopoly.

You be on your way and choose whichever you feel right for you and stick to it. Nothing is fixed here. There is always a better alternative for everything. So be happy with what you have , you will get what you deserve. It applies to everything.

The life is a software bundle which comes with more errors prebuilt inside. Its our duty to find out and and clear those defects and make it perfect. Some souls comes as an open source so that anybody can check it out and modify it as per their preference. You just need better understanding and mold it to your need. But most of them are proprietary and also you need some severe three or four factor authentication to login which is reCaptcha enebled to avoid bots and spams. Just go ahead with either open source or proprietary. Neither open source nor proprietary can solve your problem, its just YOU. Yes, you alone.

So, don’t find an alternative to everything. Just go ahead with what do you have. You will get the best one for sure. I am repeating the samething again and again. I don’t know an alternative to this. Because the search never ends.

Yes. It applies to your girl friend too! 😛

Beware of using the F word

Beware of using the F word

It has been a long time when I have written something useful to the people 🙂 . I don’t think I have done much anyway. Today when I was rushing to office at morning, the incident happened. I was waiting at Thiruvanmiyur traffic signal, Chennai. There was a two wheeler besides me, a girl aged around 20-25, was driving it. She was supposed to be a girl working in any IT company as per the appearance. She was in much hurry than me it seems. When the signal was changed to green, she moved very fast and hit a car from the back. Anyway nothing happened to anybody. The car driver scolded her to drive carefully. He doesn’t know english it seems. When he was scolding her, she was keep on using the F word.

Girls always thinks as they are right. Because stupid guys pretend to them to look so often 🙂 . Atleast it happens with majority of girls. They will not even go for the second opinion. Then she started talking like, it was the mistake of the driver since he didn’t move faster when the signal changed. And in between she was using the word ‘f***’ often. Then our hero interrupted them 🙂 . He told the driver to move and came nearer to the girl. He told her that the driver was not feeling well and not ready to do it in public. I was confused for sometime as the girl. But realized before her. 🙂 🙂 🙂 She won’t use the word here after for sure. I thought of getting down from bike and congratulate him. But the signal change made me to move. Those who didn’t understand please read it again 🙂 .

Moral: Use words appropriately. Before that know the meaning of the word 🙂