Plans 2014

Just short and sweet. Either I can call it as resolutions or just the top three things to be taken care of in 2014:

1. DOING IT MYSELF, Whatever shit it is!
2. Document EVERYTHING literally!
3. DO NOT use credit cards!

2014 is really going to play on important role. Fingers crossed!




Ban, Bang, Bangalore!

Sometime back, one aunty known to me asked me, “where do you work?”. I replied her that I work in a startup company in Bangalore. She again asked me, “Didn’t you get offers from good companies like TCS, Infosys or Wipro?”.I replied her, “No Aunty. I have to try”. Then she gave me some advice to prepare well for interviews. I listened to it carefully. I didn’t know who was dumb there.  :-/

Yes, Currently I am working in a startup company. It is like I just came into Bangalore. Oops, Bengaluru now. This city brought a lot to me. And the time is running, swimming and flying. It is more than a year now. The journey is still going on. More over, I enjoy a lot at work eventhough work is more than a typical development company. Because your responsibilities/stakes are more in a startup company.

From my child hood onwards I wanted to work on computers and to become an engineer. That is partially true by now 🙂 . I always wanted not to be stereotyped to a particular domain. In my current job, I write mobile apps and before that I was writing automation scripts, web apps in the previous company and even before that I was writing shell scripts and SQL stored procedures. At the time of writing this post, I just completed writing a scrapper to pull data from a website for my personal purpose. I can be flexible at times based on the need. I have the confidence of moving anything to DONE state.

I am from a family of people who is into retail/whole sale business. So doing business is part of my nerves all the time. Even if I don’t have a software company job, I still can run a retail business and I have the experience to do that. But I don’t want to go into that now. I want to do something with the knowledge I gained in this field. I am still waiting for the dooms day. When ever I learn something new, I wanted to try that out on my own. Currently I own more than 15 domain names and also more than 10 apps in store of my personal. But only a very few of them are active.

After coming to this city, I have attended a few conferences, hackathons and startup meetings. But I missed the time of roaming on all the week ends. But I still love this environment. Now I am feeling like, this is the field where I have to play.

Many things are changed now. I have started staying alone. I have started working more and also efficient than before. I can accomplish things by learning faster even if I have zero knowledge about something. I have started reading more books. I have started writing my book( but I don’t know when will it be over. It may even take years to complete). I have started working according to short term goals. I have started walking a lot. I have got new friends. I have started saving money.

When you want to win, nobody can stop you!


Problems of INDIA

India is not performing well nowadays. Because it is being ruled/managed by the people who doesn’t love the country.

Problems with the rulers

Rupee value falls against US $ day by day and GDP goes down and down but Finance minister claims Indian economy is stable and nothing to worry. Onion price crosses Petrol price in the league of who reaches 100 first but agricultural minister doesn’t know why it is happening. Pak and China infiltrates into India all the time and Srilanka captures/kills Indian fishermen all the time but the external affairs minister will be keep on negotiating with all these fellows all the time. Bomb blast will happen every now and then in a regular interval but Home minister will promptly give a speech on how did that happened and who did it. Coal ministry missed all the suspicious documents on a scam and the minister tells that they are also actively searching for it. Even a begger won’t accept one rupee coin but a cabinet minister claims he can eat complete meals for 1 rupee.

On top of all these, we have a person who heads all these ministers but who doesn’t have control to control them. He claims to be an economist but when? 2 decades ago I guess.

Problems with companies and government agencies

Bribe will make everything faster and also has some extra abilities than this. Planning commission says, we can live happily if you are earning more than 32 rupees per day. India’s top investigation agency, CBI always belongs to ruling party. Take Irctc, even though their widely known huge criticism from people all over the country, they will never upgrade their hardware for servers until everyone start hating railways and go for omni buses. Indian railways will continue to run in loses all the years. Every minister for that portfolio will come and go away after making huge loss. Government’s telecom company BSNL will be running in loses all the time but they launch shitty android tablet for the people. But who bought those shitty devices and who gained out of it? IAS and IPS officers won’t have any power. If they try to show, they will be transferred. One of the world’s richest sports association BCCI will always help to ruin the people’s time and money for 2 months on every year and they will involve in all kinds of scams and they spoil the future of the kids of this country.

Problems with media

Main point is NEVER ever believe them. They play the major portion in changing any situation. When rupee value and GDP falls down these media will be focusing more and more on match fixing and scandals in Indian premier league(IPL). None of them are in neutral position. They talk a lot for women’s rights and protection. And they showcase actress nude photos in their gallery pages. They will drag down any one’s reputation in a single day. But if a popular bollywood hero is a known accused on many cases, they will never give focus on that news. Shitty media. They will make you to give focus for any issue which they feel as important with their biased view. Whenever there is a rape happening in either Mumbai or Delhi that will become a sensational issue for the whole country as they feel and everything else will go unnoticed.

Problems with people

What ever they do, citizens of India will waste 2 months of time in watching IPL on every year. What ever bull shit movie it is, people will still make them to generate revenue more than 100Cr. What ever happens we will keep buying gold more and more and we will always use imported goods and foreign company products. What ever happens people will vote for the same nice politicians again and again. We will read all the sensational news from media’s gaze and forget it on the next day. How many scams we heard with this Government, 2G Scam, Coal Scam and CWG Scam? What is the momentum of these scams? who got punished for these crimes? It is just us not those looters. Rape, Murder, Robbery will happen everywhere every time. But we will give voice for one or two days when media wants us to give.

Problems with me

Writing this by wasting my time when nothing is going to change!

P.S: These are all just some samples. Only some people will agree to my points and many will criticize this. And the politicians may claim that they are doing their job better and even they will challenge me to be on their shoes. Just think you are in a critical job in a typical company with a dead line and you are not performing well. What will happen at the end? Either you will not get good bonus or you will be fired. It should be the case with politicians also to run the country better.

To put everything aside, We just need a leader who can think for the country all the time.


Survival of the fittest

I am not a great mind or an experienced fellow. I just crossed 25 years here. I am just a mediocre person among a huge crowd with a lot of hopes and ambitions. Currently, I live in Bangalore, India. I always love traveling. I just traveled 120 K Ms for a coffee. It is kind of funny. But more than that I loved it very much when I travel alone. I was talking to myself through out the way. I had a lot of questions in mind. But most of them went unanswered.

I love doing things, either it is difficult or easy. Give it a try on whatever it is and learn everything whether it is success or failure. Please stay away from the people who thinks that you can’t do it and show them what you can.  Take whatever comes on your way and excel in it. Try to be an all rounder on any ground you are. You don’t need to be a super man to achieve something great. You just need to do the things with extra care, complete attention and love.

The question I am always asking to myself is “Am I going on the right route?”. Life needs real happiness than the other external things. Some will find happiness in buying a home, earning more money, smoking, drinking, roaming all the time or even having sex. That opinion differs between people. The happiness lies in all these things externally. But, is it real? What gives more happiness than these external things? The long drive for a cup of coffee gives me more pleasure than when I got prizes in competitions. Then the happiness is not lying out side. It is lying somewhere inside me. Its just my mind and the way I see things and do things. I always wanted to be helpful to the people around me.

I am from a family of people doing business. That interest to do business is always on my blood too. One day I will run my own business in my native. It may become successful or failure. But still I will do it. I will learn from it. I have a long way to go there. I am still under learning mode. I love the job I do. I am learning from everything I do and also from the people around me. I love learning anything that looks interesting to me.

I learned a lot on saving money from the past 3 years of working. I am saving better than before now. I love doing it. It is better to have it as a habit. But at the same time, I will not compromise it for the wishes I have in my life. Planning is the main buzzword on saving money.

The best thing I am doing after moving to this city is walking to the office daily. Yes, I am walking 6-7 KMs daily. It is better than all other exercises. And also I do walk a little after dinner. I want to continue this as a habit through out. Started going to swimming also. Badminton is on the queue next to it. Only thing that worries me is the food. But I am comfortable with any food. It has never been a problem to me till now in all the places I lived. I am lazy to do cooking just for myself. Still trying to overcome this problem.

I am not afraid to make mistakes. Otherwise I can’t bring anything useful. But at the same time, I have to be ready to accept the mistakes that I am committing. Yes, I am ready for that too because I am learning from it. I am always trying my level best to be flexible to the situation. I will keep doing it.  Because everything changes at a point of time. Change is the constant thing in life. I am also changing myself according to the experience I am getting.

Through out my life till now, I have many friends. Some of them are more closer to me and some of them are always there to help me. Having a loving heart for you is always sweet. Fortunately, I have many including my family and friends. I will try to accomplish my tasks without the help of anyone as best as I can. Yes, I want to have that determination till my life ends.

I am always self evaluating me often, whether I am on a way to win. If not, I will try to correct myself. I read a lot of books. That gives me a mind with broader thinking and powerful imagination. Having a library in my dream house is always on my mind. One day, I will have that too hopefully.

I always have short term goals and also long term goals. That always gives boost more than caffeine. That makes me work faster than I am. Whenever I stuck at somewhere, I will take a paper and write on it with all the problems I have and also all the possible ways to overcome it. Now prioritize everything you have and you can get a clear idea now on how to start on overcoming the issue. That solves most of my problem at many situations.

I know still I am a newbie at many things. I am not even married to understand what is life after having family. But I don’t want to change even after that. Loving everyone is the key to success whether it is friend or enemy. I love the way I am!


India and its culture

Some one calls it as Bharat but known as India to everyone. But even our national anthem says my country name as Bharat and not as India. Either it is Bharat or India, there is no difference between them. And we are in a so called democratic country. Yes, freedom in expressing what we feel. But there should be a star symbol over the word “democratic” to mention “conditions apply”. It will act differently for money and power.

The only active group in this country is Media and nobody else. I just did browse through top online medias of each state. Everywhere it contains different news stories. But when it comes to national medias, all of them have single news in their head lines about a rape incident happened in the capital. There are similar incidents happening everywhere and on everyday more brutal than this. But this incident gave a spark to the people to think about the safety of women like how Anna hazare started his protest. Thanks to that victim girl and let her soul RIP. Now Government setup a panel to ensure safety of women through a new law. Lets wait for atleast one law without loop holes for the accused to escape.

We are passing through a period of westernisation. There is “nothing” defines the culture of a country. It will keep on changing depending on the situation. We evolved through a lot of cultural change. In my childhood, I will rarely hear about love marriages around me. But just look at the people around you now. There was no cell phone and internet in my childhood. But look at everywhere now. There was so many restrictions some 100 years back for a fellow to talk with their opposite gender. But look at the space now. That is what called as culture.

Many politicians started accusing the injection of western culture as the main reason behind these rape incidents and they are expressing their age old ideas and thoughts on it. They should look at themselves along with their family in a mirror before saying anything. Their views might work if we have strict law and order policy. That is also not possible in this country. Many people want the rape incident accused to be hanged or strict punishments like in Arab countries. The people who said this must look at the rules imposed on women in those countries.

Do you think the rape incident is the biggest issue in this country? Definitely not. It is just the views of the people behind those media. Those medias are just injecting their views into people’s mind. There are much bigger threats. Last week a politician from a state publicly made an open hate statement against a community. The sad part is all the people around him claps for that speech. They don’t know they are being fooled and they are victimized for his political advantage. When there is something goes bad, all the innocent aam aadmis will fall as victims for these idiots. And these politicians will just penetrate and come out through another loop hole in our so called law. What about the people stashing black money abroad? Where is the media about these news? Whatever the news, it will be in headlines till they get a next bigger news than this. Then all the people will start talking about the new incident in all the social media. Then these media fellows will automatically change their gaze on the new news. This is also a recent popular culture here. NONE of the media is neutral in India.

Regarding the rape incident, apart from giving strict punishments there should be a change in people’s mind set about women. That should come by a social change by injecting a view on people’s mind. We don’t need to teach everyone about how they should be. Let us just be an example for others and the people around us will automatically change. The change won’t come from outside and it should start with in ourself.


Oorukku pudhusa? (new to the city?)

Last week when I was on the way to office in my bike, stopped at the signal. Suddenly a guy nearer to me screamed “tha, paathu poda”, he was telling that to a guy infront of me. I looked at him and smiled. He leaned towards me and smiled back and greeted me “hello boss, indha oorkaranga ipdi dhan boss. oorukku pudhusa neenga?”. I just nodded as saying “yes”. Then the signal changed to green then only I realized that I am not in Tidel park signal, thiruvanmiyur. Now it is Koramangala signal, Bangalore :). Seriously I went back to Chennai for an instant on hearing his words. I proved that guys word on the same day, by entering into one-way road without knowing and paid penalty amount.

Till 3 weeks back, I was in Chennai and was staying together with my friends.I loved Chennai except the summer and traffic. Here everything changed. No friends at my room since I am staying alone. All my friends are staying very far away in Bangalore. So I am compelled to stay alone and also I don’t want to waste time in traffic daily. At last I have been to all the capitals in the bottom part of India. It started from September 29th in Trivandrum, then Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar, Mumbai, Chennai. Now it is Bangalore.

I love languages. But it is hard to hear Kannada around. I want to learn it soon. Let me see in the coming days. Wherever I go there are tamilian hotels nearby. Even here too. I am having food daily there and chat with the owner all the time while eating. He is also from a nearby town to Madurai.

I love to roam around all the time. Whenever I get a chance I will rope in some friends and plan for some trip. I love the weather in this city. It is unlike Chennai and Hyderabad. Whenever new year comes, I will have some resolutions for the sake. But on every year I feel that is is going to be the important year in my life. I don’t know till now whether it is or it is not. In 2009 I was in Trivandrum and in 2010 in Hyderabad, 2011 in Chennai and This is 2012 and the new city. Let me see what this brings! 🙂