India is burning and it needs a fix

Since my childhood, I have heard our late ex president Dr Abdul Kalam’s words “India will become a superpower by 2020”. We are a developing country for more than 7 decades since independence. Are we moving towards becoming a developed country? Are we even have that plan in our roadmap?  Stop the blame game on anyone. But where are we now? Are we even closer to achieving any of this? A BIG NO in my opinion.

India has a huge opportunity to move faster than countries like China, US or Japan when you compare the average age group of an Indian which is less than 30. We are losing every opportunity. Until unless we work on war foot, we won’t achieve it even in the next decade. I know things are progressing but definitely not a few can run this whole country machine and mission. It should be a cumulative effort from every one of us. There are a few things, I can see visibly on a daily basis where we miserably failing but no one will accept or take action. People elected BJP for strong leadership and economic growth but looks like they have their own agenda of making India a Hindu Rashtra which is not going to happen anytime.

Fix education: – make all the MLA and MPs and all the level one Govt servants should send their kids & grand kids to Govt schools till 10th standard. Important to notice: Grand kids. All the politicians are generally 50 and above. The same should be applicable to kids of IAS and IPS officers.

Fix Individual citizens: Politicians should lead from the front on how an individual need to be by following laws starting from following traffic signs, not to drive on platforms, Not to bribe Govt officials, not to urinate on roadsides, not to spit on public places. Everyone of us polluting the environment in one or the other way. We have online warriors who just comments on every issue for no use. Need a constructive mechanism rather than advising others on saving water only on holi or saving air pollution on Diwali day. Current Indian Govt knows how to do marketing and how to make it into votes. All the poor Indians fall as a victim into that.

Fix Bjp and Congress: one party still need a leader and the other one should stop horse trading of elected MLAs. We are slow poisoning the democracy in daylight. Both the parties are corrupt. BJP does horse trading better in multiple state assembly elections now. It became a new normal. Congress guys just loots. BJP loots in the name of religion and nationalism. The later is dangerous. We are slowly inching towards the foot path of China. I always like the proactive marketing team from BJP lead by PM aka Prime Marketeer. Congress always lose to them. Comparing these two, BJP looks like a bigger evil as of now. They are making people dumb with filthy ideas even the educated ones falls for it. Also India is slowly inching towards becoming another China. We are losing freedom and voices are being suppressed.

Fix economy and employment: Accept jobless growth is happening and invent new ways to provide employment and what will work for India.  I am not an expert. Leaving it to the “actual” experts.

Fix Politicians: Bring them accountable like corporate companies. Keep them away from contesting if they don’t deliver. We need to figure out a way to document their day to day activities and what they have completed. We should get rid of politicians who just does marketing rather than actions. Every politician does business rather than service. How can we stop them from jumping between parties? I know this will look a joke and not going to happen. They only need to pass a law.

Fix political parties: Make it public that who is funding these political parties. That is one of the biggest scam where corporates are benefitting.

Fix black money: None of the biggest defaulters who escaped from India ever came back. If RBI says, they have received all the currency back after demonetisation, that will be the great joke. I am not here to prove it to them. If anyone wants to know, how does black money circulates, keep a CCTV cam inside all the land sub-register offices across the country. Major black money floats over there from people on all the levels. Don’t argue with me to prove it. Go “find” yourself. Multiple looters went out of the country with the help of the Government

Fix infrastructure: Bring all the Government project contractors accountable. One of the major loop hole where politicians and their family members are benefiting. Can I go to a Govt portal where I can see complete detail on who built the bridge next to my area and what was the projected and actual cost and time involved? My office is in an area called Koramangala in Bengaluru which is a hub for all the startups in India. They are working on fixing the drainage system in front of the office for the past 4+ months literally. It is still not yet over. On everyday people are struggling. We haven’t elected these jokers to struggle on a daily basis when they keep looting.

Fix startups: People in metro and 2 tier cities are enjoying all the benefits and comfortness provided by all the highly funded startup’s. Create an environment for them to go public for long term benefits to reach every Indian.

Fix Agriculture, industries and services: Figure out the proportion between the three sectors that will contribute better for Indian economy and the people

Fix productivity: figure out what kills or slows down the productivity and destroy it on the root. Social media — May be, May be not. Because it helps people to win elections, an easier way to fool people.

Fix transport: Remember electric & battery operated vehicles are the future. We are making moves on this. Do we have the infrastructure to support it?

Fix innovation: One of the key thing where we can leap forward infront of other countries. Use the opportunity window wisely.

Fix fake contents: image, text, audio and video are going to be the huge spectrum of fake content distribution which even wins election at this point. It is very easy to pollute any mind with a sequence of fake contents and opinionated content.

Did you even come to this portion of the article? I am happy about your confidence. Now go back to your work and sorry for wasting 3 minutes of your valuable time for reading all the things which is not going to happen.

Cheers India!



What is coming up beyond 2050?

We are not alone in this universe
  1. New breed of Homo sapiens are coming soon
  2. Enhanced memory & decision making skills – You can swallow a pill and that will stimulate better neuron connectivity
  3. Devices that will understand and work along with your brain – Personal assistant that will understand how your brain think and try to reduce your future workload. Think you are playing chess. The chip injected in your body will ask your brain to do the right move
  4. Better connectivity protocol beyond Internet. Still we are in a world where we go to a place without any kind of connectivity. Right now, a nature’s disaster could easily separate a whole continent without any connectivity
  5. More dangerous weapons beyond nuclear bombs are coming up. It may be available already and deeply buried somewhere
  6. A leap on health industry to cure diseases. Tablets, tonics, ointments will be replaced by cloud based on-demand solutions
  7. We are not alone in this universe. An answer will be identified for this long standing question but not in the way we see in alien movies. All the living organisms need not contain DNA. Think beyond earth. New definition to life will be identified
  8. Connectivity between human will happen only on-demand
  9. Quick transportation. Rocket’s velocity will be achieved in-land.
  10. Alternative fuel will be identified. Its not solar, hydel or coal. That will make every industry to leap forward. Resistance to change will be a great barrier for this before coming into mass production.

Year of endurance :: 2016

I am writing a post after a long time. During these time, I have written a lot of articles for a lot of journals. This year has been fantastic till now. I am on the penultimate day of the year. I would like to write a lot in detail but I am saving those for my book which is under progress. I don’t want to kill the interesting parts now. Just a few of them which hits my brain.

  • Lifetime experience on mostly what NOT to do both personally and professionally
  • Travelled like never before with friends since I born
  • Did a lot of trekking this year. That became a lifetime hobby
  • Created and launched multiple products with the hope that we will make millions
  • Became an expert in bringing ideas into product. Need to thank my hackathon experiences for that
  • Everyday was like riding on a roller coaster. Lot of ups and downs. Mostly downs
  • Met a lot of people and made a few of them as friends. Good year of networking
  • Stayed awake throughout the last year like never before by reducing sleeping time to 4-5 hours on a regular basis
  • Walked like never before regularly. Yes, even 50KMs in a single stretch. More than a full marathon cycle
  • Continuous support from family kept me going all these days
  • Have a solid & mature mind like never before as well as healthy both physically and mentally
  • Inked K-Spade on my right hand. Check the image below

What’s ahead of me now?  Hopefully that will bring more & more life time events and experiences!


Bengaluru, ME and 2014

Here comes the end of 2014. This year has been awesome till now. It has brought a lot into my life. In this year, I have made a lot of new friends and met a lot of people.  Here is my photoblog on it.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

The new year started like this at MG road on January 1st, 2014.

Bengaluru Newyear 2014
Bengaluru Newyear 2014

Then a small stint at Chennai.

Little work at Chennai

Then this was born.


bigO softwares was registered as LLP at Chennai.


What did I learn in 25 years?

I have downloaded a random app from app store on my mobile in morning. There was some initial questions about me after installation. There was a question on which age group I belong to. There was age groups like (0 -18), (19 – 25), (26 – 50), (51 – 100). I always used to select second group. But now I am forced to select the age group #3. OOPS. I am getting older. I felt weird suddenly. I was thinking about what have I achieved till now in the last 25 years.
I have not learned much. But definitely I have a fair amount of ups and downs that gave me a good experience. I am listing it down whatever I felt worthy.

1. Learn how to do things on your own without other’s help and at the same time don’t feel hesitated to ask others if you really don’t know something
2. Travel as much as you can. There is a lot to explore in this world
3. Believe in yourself. That is the best motivation for you
4. Being successful in business or job is not at all equal to being happy. There is a huge difference between both
5. If you are going to fail, then fail fast and start fresh once again. But never stop doing
6. Do things what gives you happiness often. It may vary between people. It can be travelling, playing, smoking, drinking, etc.,
7. You must need to know when to say “Yes” and when to say “No”. When you grow, you may need to say a lot of “No” than “Yes”
8. Talk to more people and join in meetings, groups as much as you can. That will make you a better person gradually. You don’t know what is coming ahead and where is the door of opportunity
9. Learn to say “Thank you” whenever necessary
10. We just have only one life. Start doing something what others are not doing. Especially do it before your marriage. You can avoid a lot of risks. Don’t regret later. Because most of the people in this world want the same things
11. Be aggressive on learning new things on everyday and never miss an opportunity to learn
12. Read a lot of books. This point should be on top of others. It is the key to open the door of a new world of making you a wiser person
13. Ignore people who always talks negatively on your progress. But keep them closer to know what is going on there. It will be a booster to do things faster. Yes, just do it for the people who wants to see you fail
14. Have more friends. True friends will not question you when you disappear and when you reappear. They are the people who is going to share your success and failure along.
15. Try to keep the burdens of failure only with you.  Because everyone has their own burdens that you are not aware of
16. Do what you are best at doing. Don’t try to keep your legs on two different things at a sametime unless you are an expert in doing it. We can’t accomplish all of our goals.
17. Be healthy. Walk more and run often
18. Sleep well. Try changing your sleeping cycle which is comfortable to you. Even 5 hours per day can work for you if you follow procedures
19. There is always a better person than you wherever you are and whoever you are





Vodafone is reading SMS/MMS

I am using vodafone service for a long time. I love their service. But recent incidents makes me think about it now. First thing is, they don’t allow me to use 3G service. They are telling me that people who is in Bangalore circle and also who has post paid connection can’t get 3G service and there is no way to go back to pre paid to get the 3G connection. I don’t know what shitty issue it is. I hope many people might be facing the same who is using Vodafone post paid around this area.

And one day, I have received a sms to install vodafone app to track my usage and bill called My Vodafone. Check the app here  . I have tried to install the app. the app has nothing to do with sms/mms reading and writing permission.

Check my tweet here. They immediately responded and asked my mobile number in direct message. Here is our conversation. One lady called me and she doesn’t know anything about what was going on.

vodafone_issue1 vodafone_issue2


My concern is, why do they read and also write user sms? Is it for Indian advertisement companies purposes or for Government agency or any one from outside India using this data since Vodafone is not an Indian company? I don’t know where their server is located. Whatever it is, why the hell they need write permission into sms?

I am not sure whether same thing is happening with My Vodafone app for other countries.


Here is a proof.