Its time for Art work !

It is a long time since I have touched paint and brush. I am not that much good in painting. Anyway I have got some prizes in school days. Recently they have announced a drawing competition from my company. The topic is “festival in INDIA”. So I have tried two items for that. Have a look at it.

holi in India

India on Holi









Update: I got second prize in the competition





Movie review – Mangatha

Mangatha da !!!

This is a quick review. Movie is good to watch. Thala Ajith made it super. This is a film about cricket Betting and Gambling. Surely this will run more than 100 days. I thought of writing a vary big post on this. But cutting it short now. Nice movie to watch. I didn’t like the usage of filthy words often and that too from the hero often. That doesn’t sound good. Mangatha – Nice attempt from Thala Ajith.


Movie review – Endhiran(Robo)

This is the review after seeing ‘Endhiran’ twice here in iMax Prasadz. Actually it was a nice experience to see “Endhiran” on opening day. But the response was similar to a theatre in Chennai. We had a huge crowd here also. I have seen many movies on the opening show here. But total theatre will maintain silence. But only for Superstar’s movie I have seen whistles and dances and all sort of things. Being a biggest ever budgeted Indian Movie by Sun pictures Kalanidhi Maran, directed by Shankar, Music by AR Rahman, Endhiran crossed the box office hit of an Bollywood movie.

Superstar Rajni
Superstar Rajni

Endhiran is completely different than his other movies. Because hero enters into screen without any action scene. Total movie is dragged by Shankar and not by superstar. Dr. Vaseegaran(Rajni) creates a robo which has all capabilities other than human feelings.

Heroine Aishwarya rai(Sana) also enters normally. Hero creates the robo with all capabilities and he is dressing it which looks similar to him called as Chitti. The first half of the movie was vary nice with colorful songs and nice show off from the robo actions and fight sequences. Rajni’s aim is to give the robo to Indian army. So he is bringing it before a commission which is headed by Prof. Bora, who is the guru for Rajni. Being jealousy on Rajni, he disapproves his project because it doesn’t have any
feelings and it can’t be used in army to kill enemies fearing it will kill our own people unklnowingly. In the mean time, Bora also tries to develop a robo which will be used for mass destructions. So, illegally deals with some fellows and gets a contract to create 100 similar robots. So he is getting help from Rajni’s assistants Santhanam and Karunas.

pic courtesy: ibnlive news portal
Due to its failure in approval process, Rajni decides to give feelings for chitti and he trains it. And mutually it gives problem for Rajni. Because of that it also starts loving Sana. After sometime, Chitti starts arguing with Vaseegaran for Sana. Using this Bora tries to pull Chitti by his side.

In no way, Vaseegaran gets angry and brakes Chitti into pieces and throws it. Then Bora helps Chitti and creates its version 2.0, then the action sequences comes into the second part with Villain Chitti. Chitti kidnaps Sana from the marriage hall and fights with everybody. It clones itself exponentially. We can see old villain Rajni, which is very much suitable for him. In that fight, vaseegaran atlast controls Chitti and brings it back to his control.

The last half an hour is full of graphical sequences which is first in any indian cinema. Really it was a nice try from an indian director. The story ends with Chitti dismantling himself. Being a Rajni’s fan I am really proud on seeing this film. Nobody might have expected Rajni will be having this much mass around the globe. It has crossed many mile stones in indian cinema. Nobody can say he is popular only because of his style and punch lines after seeing Endhiran.


Movie review – Ravanan

Yesterday night , a gang of 22 guys went to the film Ravanan in iMax Prasads theatre here. But for a change we watched from the second row. A much expected Mani Ratnam’s movie starring Vikram, Aishwarya, Prithviraj,Prabhu, Karthik(old), Priyamani. Anyway I missed ‘Usire Pogudhe’ song due to heavy rain here.


The story of the film just touches the glimpses of epic Ramayana in which Ravana kidnaps Seetha and Hanuman meets her in Ashokavanam. The director tried to depict it here.

Vikram and his gang belongs to a local village. He is a big hand in his area heling his people like the Naxal people. The police officer who comes there Prithviraj doesn’t like it. So he plans to kill him. Meanwhile, Vikram’sister (Priyamani) loves a guy from some other caste. Anyway Vikram accepts it and arranges for their marriage. The police gang enters into the marriage function and shoots Vikram on his neck. But he escapes from there.That lover escapes from there after seeing police. Some Police officer brutally rapes Priyamani in Police station. On the next day, she commits suicide.

To get the revenge back, she kidnaps Prithvi raj’s wife(Aishwarya). They are keep on running from police’s eyes into the dark forest. Prabhu made a good role as Vikram’s brother. Karthik works as a forest officer along with Prithvi as a comedian and as a Hanuman to Seetha.

When the police kills Vikram’s another brother, he gets angry and fights with them. They have shooted a nice fight sequence on a hanging bridge between Vikram and Prithvi. Any way it is a make up of graphics only. But they have made it nicely. After the fight Vikram lets Aishwarya to go with her husband.

But Prithvi doubts on her because she was with him for the past 14 days and he tells what Vikram said to him. But actually Vikram doesn’t even touches her. Aishwarya gets so much angry and stops the train and go back to him asking regarding that. But Vikram tells what he really told. Then only he understands that it is just a trap to identify him and his place. Atlast a police gang surrounds him and Prithvi shoots him and he will fell down to a cliff.
The story ends like this.

The main thing in this film is, the places they have chosen to shoot. It is really awesome. Really they have made a great effort for that and the next one is Cinematography. It is really nice. Actually I expected a different climax. But this is also normal as others. We can watch it once for their efforts. In total, Ravanan is a visually greenish episode of epic Ramayana.


Movie review – Sura

This is my movie review and also blog posting after a long time. I don’t need to explain that much about this film. Anyway it was a nice time pass for us. A gang of 14 people went to GVK mall inox on friday night show. As we expected, normally our hero will jump from any where for the opening scene. In this film, as his name suggests he is coming out from sea and flying in air in introduction.

I don’t know why Vijay have chosen his 50th film to be like this. Even comedy also doesn’t suit in this film. I think its time for vadivelu to move. None of his comedie are new. Heroine Thamanna doesn’t have that much important role in it. For a change, instead of three villains only one villain is there in this film. It is worst than his previous films.

Hero is fighting for him slum people for building houses for them. So he is opposing one minister for that and building homes atlast for all the people. Thats the short and sweet story line.

Sura = 5 songs + 4 fights + 1 villain + mokkai comedies + Unnecessary punch dialogues

I have spent 160 rupees for this film. I am really feeling for that. Here after I need to analyze before watching Vijay films. Waiting for Ravan and Enthiran soon to screens. No more films till that. 🙂


Movie review – Vinnai thandi varuvaya

கடந்த சனிக்கிழமை நான் விண்ணைத் தாண்டி வருவாயா திரைப்படம் பார்த்தேன். எல்லோருக்கும் எளிதாகப்
புரிய வேண்டும் என்பதனால் இனி ஆங்கிலத்தில் தொடர்கிறேன்.Laughing

I have seen many movies in the mean time(Avatar, Aayirathil oruvan, Leader, karthik calling karthik). But I am not able to write reviews often. Hereafter i will do it regularly.

I love that movie verymuch because of its songs and cinematography. This film is directed by Goutham Vasudev Menon and produced by Udayanidhi Stalin. Songs and BG music by our king AR Rahman. Songs are really rocking. I love the promo song of this film very much. Simbu reenters into cinema with a different character apart from his usual style after a long time. He is booked for his next film with Manirathnam.  He has got great opportunity.

Story line:

Karthik (Simbu), a mechanical engineer with the dreams of making films, meets Jessy (Trisha), a Malayalee Christian girl and she is working in a software company. The love starts at first sight for our hero. She lives on the top floor with her family. Karthik’s passionate wooing melts Jessy, who finally succumbs to his love. But trisha’s family is more orthodox. After a certain extent, he decides not to let himself fall in love with Jessie and shakes hands with her to be friends. But, later reasserts that it’s all for the sake of wooing her. And now, Jessie is literally confused with this relationship and when her parents get to know, things get worsened as they arrange her marriage with someone. She knows that they wont accept eventhough she is loving him.
Hero joins as a assistant director to KS Ravikumar. The character of Ganesh (one of the producers of this film), who appears as a cameraman cum hero’s friend in the film, is really interesting. He comes along with hero in most of the scenes. He wents for a shooting to Goa. In the mean time they are searching alliance for her. So he calls hero to come. She feels very much worried because of him. But in his busy time he is coming after two days to meet her. But she is not accepting him at that moment since he doesn’t come when she needs.

After sometime they are arranging marriage for her. But in the last minute they are she cancels the marriage. Trisha’s surroundings thinks it is because of Simbu and there was a fight between them. Trisha confirms their family that it is not because of him. So they releases Simbu from police station. Their love ends there.

After an year our hero becomes a Director. And he is making a film in the name of Jessy and what happens in their life. In the mean time of his shooting he meets
Trisha in foreign. There also he exposes his love without knowing she is married already. That is the end of the film.

And Trisha looks good and has delivered fine performance. In over all the film is good to see. They should avoid some common english filthy words. It becomes a comkon one in most of the films now a days, that too used by hero when he speaks with heroine.

My review not ends here. I want to know what does it mean by Love? I am really confused of it from many films. Love starts in the first sight itself? How is it possible? Love is related to physical structure alone? In this film, heroine very well knows that they wont accept their love eventhough she loves our hero. She is not even ready to tell about him eventhough she had a chance. It happens not only in film. All the films are creating a wrong path in exposing what is love. If it is a real love between them they should marry.

If they feel their career is important, then what the **** they are in love? Obsessed with films for using these type of words Tongue out. The fellows who is afraid of parents should not fall in love. In present days love means, chatting, enjoying and roaming together and being apart when it comes into real life because of family back grounds. That short time enjoyments are not love. My suggestion is become a saint or nun if you cant join with your lover in your lifeWink . I know it is not practical in real life. So love should come if you feel that your parents will accept or you are ready to face any type of challenges. That is what I am coming to say. I remember a sentence written in my AG note by my friend soundhar -> “Don’t ever believe a person completely unless you are going to marry them”. This will be suitable for present day so called lovers :).

I am not an enemy of love. I respects it very much. Don’t think wrongly about me. The contents on the last two paragraphs does not reflect any character in this earth. All those contents are from my mind alone and what I just thought to say. Cool