Year of endurance :: 2016

I am writing a post after a long time. During these time, I have written a lot of articles for a lot of journals. This year has been fantastic till now. I am on the penultimate day of the year. I would like to write a lot in detail but I am saving those for my book which is under progress. I don’t want to kill the interesting parts now. Just a few of them which hits my brain.

  • Lifetime experience on mostly what NOT to do both personally and professionally
  • Travelled like never before with friends since I born
  • Did a lot of trekking this year. That became a lifetime hobby
  • Created and launched multiple products with the hope that we will make millions
  • Became an expert in bringing ideas into product. Need to thank my hackathon experiences for that
  • Everyday was like riding on a roller coaster. Lot of ups and downs. Mostly downs
  • Met a lot of people and made a few of them as friends. Good year of networking
  • Stayed awake throughout the last year like never before by reducing sleeping time to 4-5 hours on a regular basis
  • Walked like never before regularly. Yes, even 50KMs in a single stretch. More than a full marathon cycle
  • Continuous support from family kept me going all these days
  • Have a solid & mature mind like never before as well as healthy both physically and mentally
  • Inked K-Spade on my right hand. Check the image below

What’s ahead of me now?  Hopefully that will bring more & more life time events and experiences!

By intrepidkarthi

I am Karthikeyan, working as a software professional, interested in Travelling, Bike riding, PC Gaming, Reading Novels, Blogging, Writing thamizh poems.

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why did i find an email in my sent box that went to you that had user id’s in the contents. I did not send this and find it odd. It was sent last year december.

ok this one is intentional. Just read your vodaphone permissions post. I have had worse permissions required on my device and they are either already stock apps and cant change or deny permissions. Big companies that operate these apps. They take pictures, make phone calls, same as yours read texts messages can even delete or change text before i receive message or just delete it as if i never received. Make phone calls without my knowledge, change the phone number i’m calling without my knowledge, so can redirect calls and think im talking to a company or whoever and they could be imitating and stealing information. These are just a few of the permissions i’ve found. I’ve been recorded without knowing it from my phones video and voice and somehow they set it up so when i turned my phone on the next day it played the video it recorded of me. I’ve attempted to contact these companies and no help or response is given other than occasional new terms of service.

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