Survival of the fittest

I am not a great mind or an experienced fellow. I just crossed 25 years here. I am just a mediocre person among a huge crowd with a lot of hopes and ambitions. Currently, I live in Bangalore, India. I always love traveling. I just traveled 120 K Ms for a coffee. It is kind of funny. But more than that I loved it very much when I travel alone. I was talking to myself through out the way. I had a lot of questions in mind. But most of them went unanswered.

I love doing things, either it is difficult or easy. Give it a try on whatever it is and learn everything whether it is success or failure. Please stay away from the people who thinks that you can’t do it and show them what you can.  Take whatever comes on your way and excel in it. Try to be an all rounder on any ground you are. You don’t need to be a super man to achieve something great. You just need to do the things with extra care, complete attention and love.

The question I am always asking to myself is “Am I going on the right route?”. Life needs real happiness than the other external things. Some will find happiness in buying a home, earning more money, smoking, drinking, roaming all the time or even having sex. That opinion differs between people. The happiness lies in all these things externally. But, is it real? What gives more happiness than these external things? The long drive for a cup of coffee gives me more pleasure than when I got prizes in competitions. Then the happiness is not lying out side. It is lying somewhere inside me. Its just my mind and the way I see things and do things. I always wanted to be helpful to the people around me.

I am from a family of people doing business. That interest to do business is always on my blood too. One day I will run my own business in my native. It may become successful or failure. But still I will do it. I will learn from it. I have a long way to go there. I am still under learning mode. I love the job I do. I am learning from everything I do and also from the people around me. I love learning anything that looks interesting to me.

I learned a lot on saving money from the past 3 years of working. I am saving better than before now. I love doing it. It is better to have it as a habit. But at the same time, I will not compromise it for the wishes I have in my life. Planning is the main buzzword on saving money.

The best thing I am doing after moving to this city is walking to the office daily. Yes, I am walking 6-7 KMs daily. It is better than all other exercises. And also I do walk a little after dinner. I want to continue this as a habit through out. Started going to swimming also. Badminton is on the queue next to it. Only thing that worries me is the food. But I am comfortable with any food. It has never been a problem to me till now in all the places I lived. I am lazy to do cooking just for myself. Still trying to overcome this problem.

I am not afraid to make mistakes. Otherwise I can’t bring anything useful. But at the same time, I have to be ready to accept the mistakes that I am committing. Yes, I am ready for that too because I am learning from it. I am always trying my level best to be flexible to the situation. I will keep doing it.  Because everything changes at a point of time. Change is the constant thing in life. I am also changing myself according to the experience I am getting.

Through out my life till now, I have many friends. Some of them are more closer to me and some of them are always there to help me. Having a loving heart for you is always sweet. Fortunately, I have many including my family and friends. I will try to accomplish my tasks without the help of anyone as best as I can. Yes, I want to have that determination till my life ends.

I am always self evaluating me often, whether I am on a way to win. If not, I will try to correct myself. I read a lot of books. That gives me a mind with broader thinking and powerful imagination. Having a library in my dream house is always on my mind. One day, I will have that too hopefully.

I always have short term goals and also long term goals. That always gives boost more than caffeine. That makes me work faster than I am. Whenever I stuck at somewhere, I will take a paper and write on it with all the problems I have and also all the possible ways to overcome it. Now prioritize everything you have and you can get a clear idea now on how to start on overcoming the issue. That solves most of my problem at many situations.

I know still I am a newbie at many things. I am not even married to understand what is life after having family. But I don’t want to change even after that. Loving everyone is the key to success whether it is friend or enemy. I love the way I am!