from Microsoft Windows 8 AppFest contest

Attending Microsoft windows 8 AppFest contest today at Bangalore. The reason why I got more interest towards is they are planning to set a world record by gathering more developers at a place for coding. It is a continuous 18 hours coding contest. I am done with three apps. I have got a free access to MS Windows 8 App store. Feeling good. Because the program night was not wasted. Still there is 2 more hours to go to set Guinness Record. I will get that certificate also 🙂

I love technology. Currently I am working on developing Apps for Android tablets which is being completely developed in Linux platform.

By intrepidkarthi

I am Karthikeyan, working as a software professional, interested in Travelling, Bike riding, PC Gaming, Reading Novels, Blogging, Writing thamizh poems.

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