from Microsoft Windows 8 AppFest contest

Attending Microsoft windows 8 AppFest contest today at Bangalore. The reason why I got more interest towards is they are planning to set a world record by gathering more developers at a place for coding. It is a continuous 18 hours coding contest. I am done with three apps. I have got a free access to MS Windows 8 App store. Feeling good. Because the program night was not wasted. Still there is 2 more hours to go to set Guinness Record. I will get that certificate also 🙂

I love technology. Currently I am working on developing Apps for Android tablets which is being completely developed in Linux platform.


Oorukku pudhusa? (new to the city?)

Last week when I was on the way to office in my bike, stopped at the signal. Suddenly a guy nearer to me screamed “tha, paathu poda”, he was telling that to a guy infront of me. I looked at him and smiled. He leaned towards me and smiled back and greeted me “hello boss, indha oorkaranga ipdi dhan boss. oorukku pudhusa neenga?”. I just nodded as saying “yes”. Then the signal changed to green then only I realized that I am not in Tidel park signal, thiruvanmiyur. Now it is Koramangala signal, Bangalore :). Seriously I went back to Chennai for an instant on hearing his words. I proved that guys word on the same day, by entering into one-way road without knowing and paid penalty amount.

Till 3 weeks back, I was in Chennai and was staying together with my friends.I loved Chennai except the summer and traffic. Here everything changed. No friends at my room since I am staying alone. All my friends are staying very far away in Bangalore. So I am compelled to stay alone and also I don’t want to waste time in traffic daily. At last I have been to all the capitals in the bottom part of India. It started from September 29th in Trivandrum, then Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar, Mumbai, Chennai. Now it is Bangalore.

I love languages. But it is hard to hear Kannada around. I want to learn it soon. Let me see in the coming days. Wherever I go there are tamilian hotels nearby. Even here too. I am having food daily there and chat with the owner all the time while eating. He is also from a nearby town to Madurai.

I love to roam around all the time. Whenever I get a chance I will rope in some friends and plan for some trip. I love the weather in this city. It is unlike Chennai and Hyderabad. Whenever new year comes, I will have some resolutions for the sake. But on every year I feel that is is going to be the important year in my life. I don’t know till now whether it is or it is not. In 2009 I was in Trivandrum and in 2010 in Hyderabad, 2011 in Chennai and This is 2012 and the new city. Let me see what this brings! 🙂