INDIA and INDIAN educational system

Actually I thought of writing a post on this, a long time back. It happened when my sister’s daughter, a class VI kid asked me to write a HTML form with java script validation in it. That was the assignment given to her as part of the Computer science subject in her school. I tried to teach her but she could not understand. But she knows very well that what is and These are the websites used to give some obvious results that she expects for her school homeworks and assignments. The other assignments given to her were a website for her family and a power point presentation on a mathematical subject. I helped her in creating all these things.

Don’t be very excited like we are living in an advanced country. The funny part of this is everytime they do something like this, they should copy it in a 700 MB CD where obviously almost 699 MB will be wasted. The reason is the teacher doesn’t know any of these things. They could have told her to bring it in a usb drive or to send through email. She told me that the teacher never opened her submission at any time. This is just a procedure and submission is just a formality. I need to accept the fact that, in our college third year we had a Internet programming lab. In that we did some simple web designs using HTML and obviously we did javascript form validation as one of the assignment. 🙂

It is good to know that our college syllabus is changed after we came out. The point I am coming towards is the educational system in India. We are a developing country where we see a great growth in all part of the country. I accept that it is very difficult to implement even a very little change to reach more than a billion people. The Government is doing a good job in bringing out the best.

I am from the southern part of India, where the state government is distributing free laptops to all the school children as part of their electoral pledge. It is good move but howmany children will utilize it? Still in many schools there isn’t better infra structures. Obviously they couldn’t bring it to schools for studies because the classrooms will not be having enough power ports to charge all their laptops. Those computers are preloaded with both Windows and a Linux flavor. It is really nice to hear. But do they have teacher in every school to teach what is Linux and how to use it? I don’t have answer for this. If they don’t know how to use it, definitely they will go for the next option to use it for browsing unnecessary internet contents and watching pirated movies. Who will care about these consequences? Because the government fulfilled their pledges. Their duty is over. Think in this way, instead of giving 50 laptops to an average class room strength, they could have use it to setup a world class, class room infrastructure with an advanced computer lab with just 10-20 systems. And the central government is planning to giveaway Android tablets to all the school students in the country. Whatever I said for laptops, applies here too.

What is the use of an Android tablet or Linux Laptop, if they don’t know what is Linux and how to write an application for the device they have? [P.S: These tablets and laptops will be given to schools and colleges managed by government and affiliated to government only]

When it comes to colleges we have to submit thesis as part of the completion. Considering other colleges in our area, I am happy that we have a good infrastructure in our college for utilizing. As per my college procedures, we have to select a topic by having a IEEE paper as a reference paper. Anyway it is good in a way otherwise many will end up in doing age-old library management project. But there should be standards in evaluating the practical implication of each project. Instead it can be made compulsory to submit a paper in International journal as part of completion. I am not seeing any Indian based software industry leading the world market in any technology. It is really not good to say when we have so much energetic minds but still lagging in leading the western world. Obviously India has great potential for greater minds that is proven since all the best in technology industries have setup their R&D centers in India.

India is the wealthiest country with poor people!


Mongo DB with PHP using XAMPP in Windows

I just wanted to try mongodb with php for an idea that I had with my friend. So I just started it with basic setup example. MongoDB is cool and very simple to use. If you are using Windows Machine to setup Mongo, here is the steps.

Here is the installation steps for Windows:

  1. Install XAMPP
  2. You should have PHP 5.3 and above. Check it through (localhost/xampp/phpinfo.php)
  3. Download mongodb from their official site
  4. Extract the archive. Open command prompt and goto the bin folder inside that.
  5. Type “mkdir c:\mongodb\db”
  6. Type “mongod.exe –dbpath=C:\mongodb\db”
  7. Download windows driver for mongodb from GitHub page. Download the build that works for me
  8. Extract the archive. And find the build suitable to your computer. Copy the php_mongo.dll and paste it inside C:\xampp\php\ext folder
  9. Open php.ini file from c:\xampp\php
  10. Add “extension=php_mongo.dll” line to the file
  11. Save it and close. Restart apache after that
  12. Try this example code from tutorial

Thats it!

// select a collection (analogous to a relational database’s table)
$collection = $db->pics;
// add a record
$obj = array( “title” => “RajiniKanth”, “author” => “karthi” );
// add another record, with a different “shape”
$obj = array( “title” => “Trisha”, “online” => true );
// find everything in the collection
$cursor = $collection->find();
// iterate through the results
foreach ($cursor as $obj) {
echo $obj[“title”] . “\n”;


The books I read

Today morning there was a power outage in our area. Even our home UPS drained off. So I went to Anna library today. I found two nice books, one is Pro PHP security from apress and building an intelligent web from Rajendra akerkar and Pawan lingras. The first book is about security your PHP website in all the possible ways. Basically it explains how all the exploits are made. The second book is about semantic web, IR, data classification, NLP. I got more interest towards it, since I have done a project on it already. A book a day enriches your brain more and more 🙂