Trip to ooty

Last weekend on a trip to Ooty from Chennai. We were 10 people started from Chennai on 30th april night by bus. And we reached Coimbatore on 31st morning. We directly went to Ashwath’s home there. Later we went to Black thunder – water theme park at Mettupalayam which is one hour bus travel distance away from coimbatore. We enjoyed the whole day there in the theme park. The rides were good. But still it is the same for a long time from the time when I visited there around 6 years back.

From Black thunder it will take 3 hours of bus travel to ooty. And it is difficult to get seats in the buses nearer to the theme park. Otherwise you have to get hired cabs which will cost 150 rupees per head. So we went back to mettu palayam bus stand to get seats in the bus. We reached ooty around 10:30 PM. It is around 50 KMs of travel in hills.

We stayed in a lodge, which we booked through online. They charged 1200 rupees for a night per room. We took 2 rooms to accommodate 10 people. It was comfortably enough. On the next day, we took a car to roam around. It costs 2000 per day travel. We roamed through many tourist places that people usually watch. And we went around thodar tribal community people area. There was a sacred temple of them built by them. You can check that in my picasa photos. There was a big ball kind of stone, which they use it as part of the marriage ritual. The boy should lift the stone till the shoulder and through it behind him to get married. Still they follow those rituals it seems. It was nice to know. Then we returned back on the same evening and reached Chennai on April 2nd morning.

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