Coaching class to school students

Today I took a discrete mathematics class for 12th standard students at a school in the outskirts of Chennai. The students were not able to score well in their school exams and they have annual public examination in another 15 days, which decides their fate. Today I felt very much happy. Because they were very much happy after the session because they understood very well it seems. They asked me to take some more classes also. I will do it if time permits before their exams.

After the session, I was talking to them about their ambitions. Most of them doesn’t have anything to do because they have already started working in part time in medical shops and super markets. So if the marks doesn’t come well they plan to continue the same job as such. They don’t have nothing other than that in mind. But they want to do something better.

Interested people can contact me if you wish to take sessions on 12th subject. We can bring them up.
Place: Corporation school @ Kannagi nagar, Sholinganallur, Chennai

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