4 thoughts on “One word – One day

  1. thank u so very much for this interview c-uM!bdillie is the Queen of a lot ! she can do anything she can cook & sing she is smart she is a super artist and she need to bring out another album because we all need it!The world needs it right NAH!

  2. , gun control is not the same thing as gun prohibition. It should be possible, for example, to prevent people who have been convicted of weapons offences and/or diagnosed with uncontrolled mental illnesses from purchasing guns legally. It should also be possible to limit the possible damage by, for example, controlling the availability of fully automatic weapons and of large magazines. It’s all a matter of where we draw the line. Don’t agree? Then maybe everyone should be able to buy nukes without a license. (And yes, reductio ad absurdum is entirely appropriate here.)

  3. de 12h55Hello ines! Tu radotes miss! Tu dis partout que Roger est efféminé! Tu as le droit de préférer la brute à Nadal mais visiblement tu ignores ce qu'est l'élégance sur un court et ce qu'est un vrai homme et non un homme des cavernes!

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