And the name of the city is Madurai

And the name of the city is Madurai

It is two and half years since I have started staying out of my home town. Basically my city is famous for its cultural enrichment due to the temples and monuments here. It is the second largest city in Tamilnadu. But yet it is lagging in terms of faster development when compared to Coimbatore. But I hope this is the right time to pick up.

Till now it was a helm of local political rowdies. Now they are all taken away from here. I haven’t seen any posters/banners around the city now. It is a very good change. Yesterday I was roaming around the city. I am seeing many changes and more improvements on infrastructure development. And there are many car showrooms opened in the city. But still the roads are not that much vast anywhere. It needs more bridges at many places. The city limit is extended currently. The total city is stimulated to celebrate the upcoming festival Deepavali. Planning to get into the crowd today also. I met a lot of friends on the past two days. Still there are more people to meet.

Here really we don’t have much places to roam around other than old monuments. There is no entertainment other than theaters. I am looking for a change in it. It is really the right time for investors here.

Everybody have a dream of staying in their native itself. Yes, me too. Thinking of the day to come sooner.

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