Time is running, flying and swimming

This day two years back pushed me in to the corporate world. A lot of things has changed and has been changed around me. It started at Trivandrum on the same day two years back. After two months of training I moved to Hyderabad. Really I loved Hyderabad because of the group of friends there. We had a great bunch of friends stayed and enjoyed together. Now I am in Chennai. Everything goes well along with me.

In these two years, I have learnt a lot. I have almost roamed around everywhere in south India. I want to explore more on coming days. I love travelling more and more. Before two years I wasn’t that much interested in politics and general knowledge. But now my interest lead me to take a small short film. It was a nice experience at Hyderabad. Search for the video @ youtube “ilavasa therdhal”. It remains forever. I must thank my friends who helped me to take and also edit it. I was a lazy fellow and allegic to code at that time when I was in college. It is changed a little bit nowadays. I used to read a lot of novels till some months back. Now a days I am not able to find time to continue that habit. Still I am trying to continue it a little bit often.

I love to ride bike rather than using a public transport. Apart from these successfully I have completed my third semester of MBA. It is really cool and most probably I will get my degree by coming April 2012. Currently I am in a search of my project. I will start doing it as soon as I finalize it to a single topic. And this is my fourth year that I am successfully maintaining my website. It is good to update it often with new designs and new softwares. This habit made me to become addict to computer.

It was my college second year when I bought my first computer I almost left watching TV. I hardly go to theatre when I was in school and also till my college second year. Till now I have not watched even a single movie with my parents. I have started going to theater along with my college friends. I bet, your career and character depends on your friends. Everybody will feel it one day. I have got really good friends for my life from my school days onwards. I am really grateful to all of them. It is really good to be around with good friends all the time wherever you go. I am one of them.

Rolling back 15 years from now when there was no CELLPHONE, no GOOGLE, no FACEBOOK and no TWITTER, friends will celebrate their farewell with more sorrows and even with tears. These latest technologies and connectors have turned and tuned the mode of people upside down. These things have become inseparable part of the world. Thanks to these things for saving a lot of sorrows and tears.

It is usual in college days to fall in love affair nowadays. Many of my friends have become victim of it. And it is good to see them getting married and getting ready to marry. As soon as the completion of my degree I am going to start my next search. It is not my marriage anyway. Still there is a little way to go and some deadlines to meet. I would like to blog atleast biweekly hereafter. Let me see!



Anna Hazare & Co. – An hawk eye view

I support Anna. Don’t take this in a wrong way. Because a man at his 70s doing what I can’t do at this age in this democratic country. I really appreciate it. But this post is not about supporting his movement. This is just an analysis over it.

Anna’s wave made the whole India to look at him for the past one month. He is accompanied by well-known top ex-Govt officials. They are fighting against corruption. Even I have participated with their Chennai part. As far as I know India has not seen any movement like this to fight against Government. We need to appreciate them because they didn’t involve in any sort of wrong doings or illegal practices.

Anna's movement at Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai

There are a lot of views over it. I watched a program in Star Vijay TV Channel about the Anna’s anti-corruption movement. Many people talked like bull shit without knowing anything. Some people are opposing it because a famous book author oppose it. Her name appears wherever there is a controversy. She was not booked in a sedition case recently. Government let her free. I hope now she is paying the price back. But some people gave really nice information about why they oppose it.

Only two bodies working correctly in India as of now. They are Court and the media. But we can’t believe on media all the time. They will work very active till they didn’t get affected. It is obvious. But what can we say, they have news all the time especially in recent past, we have seen many scams like 2G scam, CWG scam and much more. There is a list keep on rolling. Still there is a lot to come. Any way I am not going to discuss about it. Having a weak system, we can’t blame only on those corrupt politicians. It is because of the people who gave them chance to loot more.

The team Anna’s main objective is to abolish corruption out of India. The recent incidents of corruptions made them to take that as a weapon to start a movement. Is it a newer one to India? Why did they take this alone? Because it was driven by media hype over it and the figures and momentum of the money involved with the scams. While I was talking with one of my colleague, he feels that 5 crore is a small amount of money. Is it so? If you keep on hearing about figures in thousands of crores then it will look smaller. In an older tamil movie, hero will be asked a puzzle to make a straight line smaller without touching it. So he will draw one bigger line nearer to that. So this will become smaller. The same happens now. At least we have RTI and Wikileaks to reveal a little of those scams.

Corruption is the only problem of India as of now. It may be. But it is not the only thing. Everything is involved with money. If we can stop that, we can control everything. That is the agenda behind them. They are not running Government. They can do only this much against Government. Three idiots are not the heroes who acted in that movie. They are with in the Government Ministry who were always eyeing to bring their movement down. The second regime of UPA is not able to see any progressive movement. Either they are in argument for something or they are trying to save their ministers.

India will develop only if it is ruled by a leader who can take decision on his/her own. I am mentioning about current/previous PM. The team Anna is fighting against corruption like only the MPs and MLAs are corrupt. It is not true. Our basic system is weak with many loop holes. They should ask them to upgrade it first of all. Why are they not asking for it? Without that they are asking Government to pass the bill as they have mentioned in the name Jan Lokpal. The points mentioned in the bill is really appreciated. But that is not enough. Because if they pass the bill, 155 out of 543 MPs need to go to Jail. How will they pass the bill then?

India has seen 7 bomb blasts in just two years. And still the killers are kept alive within the jail. WTF moment ! When the Government will awake? After each and every incident, PM and HM appears before media and they ask for people to be calm and they seek unity from people to uproot terrorism from India. Who will dare to do anything if you know you will be treated very well in Indian jail?

There is an unverified saying around media that 65 lakh crores of Indian money is in swiss banks. If we can bring atleast 1/10 of the money, we can see greater development here. Obviously it won’t happen. I am not supporting the opposition party. Both the parties join hands when anything comes to take them out of power. Recently there was a bill before cabinet ministry to bring sports bodies under RTI. It was not passed since many of the ministers having portfolios in sports bodies.

One guy in that TV program argued that all the corporates should be brought under RTI. Corporates are the separate bodies who generate more employments than the Government and all the Government’s revenue depends on them. How is it possible to implement? It is possible only if each and every individual is brought under law. It is not possible otherwise.

In my opinion, India has a lot of issues like corruption. I appreciate Anna & Co for awakening Indian citizens and I support it. There won’t be any person in India without being victimized for corruption since their birth. It will be appreciated if they take all the issues together. And the people must teach lesson to those corrupt politicians and the people who are all trying to bring down Anna’s movement. India will develop iff each and every individual feels it from heart. Let us see. Jai hind!


PS: Every view expressed here are just mine and not from anybody else.




The world after you die !

This post partially linked with my previous post on information retrieval from social web. In this technology cloud, there are data about each and every personal. What will happen to the data once you die? How can we archive/regroup it? Is that possible to implement?  Do you think it will be useful to anybody? This looks more vague. But there are more social implications to it when you consider this in a long run. Let me explain about this and also the results to it after doing analysis over it.


Information retrieval from Social web

I was thinking of writing this for a long time. Just had time today to write on this. But still I am unclear in what will be the impact in it and how it can be efficiently implemented.

Extracting information from the social web. There are so many analysis going on around this. Cloud computing is the hottest topic as of now around the technical world. Everybody is trying to prove who is great in it.

Research on cloud data analyses useful information about topics, companies, and individuals and much more. Social web takes a great part in it. It is the place where people share advice, opinions, facts, news,  rumors, moods, concerns, and everything else imaginable. Most of that data is public and available for mining. It becomes faster medium than anything else in spreading out data to the world. Consider Twitter and Facebook. At a single shot, you can communicate a news to 1000 friends who are all in your friend’s list.

The point where I am heading is, much complex way of using the social web data. Identifying a person’s character using the social web data. For example, consider me. As of now, I have posted around 600 tweets. And I have posted around 100 blog posts and much facebook status messages. Why not we gather all the data? There are services available to do that. For example, will do that.

As my college final year project we have implemented one semnatic search engine. I am planning to continue and improve it using social web data with data mining and classification narrowed to one particular person. There are services available to classify data. But it is not grouping all the data available throughout internet. It just groups data and gives textual and graphical representation of it. But I want to go one more step than that.

Considering the data from my twitter posts, my spider must be able to categorize my character as a person who wants to travel, and who tweets more about social occurences and a little of cinema. I have some idea about how to implement it. But I am not yet sure about it. I will blog about it more later and also about the implementation part.

Let me write about it ASAP.



Movie review – Mangatha

Mangatha da !!!

This is a quick review. Movie is good to watch. Thala Ajith made it super. This is a film about cricket Betting and Gambling. Surely this will run more than 100 days. I thought of writing a vary big post on this. But cutting it short now. Nice movie to watch. I didn’t like the usage of filthy words often and that too from the hero often. That doesn’t sound good. Mangatha – Nice attempt from Thala Ajith.