Mumbai Trip on new year 2011

This is a post after a long time. I didn’t write anything about my New year trip to Mumbai. I will elaborate it later. On December 31,2010 We(Me, BG, ganesh) reached Mumbai. On that day We have roamed roamed around Mumbai. We have stayed near Kanjur Marg.

On that day, we went to Hanging Garden. And in that new year eve, we went to Bandra. We went to Band stand beach there. The same beach that comes in Endhiran movie. Instead of band stand beach, we can name it as lover’s beach Smile. I don’t want to explain more on this. Our so called culture is being changed in these type of places Wink. We spent the last second of 2010 @ Mumbai sea shore.

On the next day, we went to Lonawala by heavily crowded local train. kavin and Ini also joined us. It is a popular hill station. But at the time we went there it was hot. There is Bushi dam. It is a small dam. And then we moved to one wax museum. It was nice. It is created by a Keralite it seems.

On the next day, Aishwarya and Anusha joined with us. We went to Nariman point to visit Gateway of India and Taj hotel. Then we walked towards Chowpathy beach from there for around two hours. Then we moved to a place called Mahalaxmi. There is Haji Ali Masjid. It was nice to visit a masjid after a long time. Then while returning back, we went to Matunga for a Tamilian hotel. This is the area where we can see more tamilians in Mumbai. Then we returned back to Hyderabad.
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