Oracle functions

From today onwards I am going to share something technical like “tip of the day” in a daily basis. i will try to make it daily.

select ascii(‘K’) from dual

This ascii function returns ascii value for the given value.

select asciistr(‘Ä Ê Í Õ’) from dual

This function converts a string in any character set to an ASCII string using the database character set. The output of this query will be “\00C4 \00CA \00CD \00D5”

select chr(100) from dual

This function returns the character for the given ascii value. it is just opposite to ascii function.

select compose(‘o’ || unistr(‘\0308’) ) from dual

This function returns the unicode value for the given character

select concat(‘karthi’, ‘keyan’) from dual

select ‘karthi’||’keyan’ from dual

The above two functions are used for concatenation

select dump(‘NGK’) from dual

This function returns data type, length and internal representation of it.

select initcap(‘i like the way i am’) from dual

This capitalizes the initial character from each word in the sentence

select instr(‘karthi’,’a’,1) from dual

This returns the position of the given substring from the input string. Here the argument 1 will try to match its first occurence.

select lpad(‘7′,3,’0’) from dual

This function returns ‘007’. It pads zero on the left side.

select ltrim(‘ karthi’) from dual

This function trims spaces on the left side

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