Final year project

At last we have started working on our project. The name of our work is “Solution Tracking System”.Our project mainly concentrates on providing eSupport for the people who needs eHelp using semantic search.At first we are planning to develop a digital library on which we are going to apply ontology techniques.Then we are planning to develop an ontology generation engine.

Our project mainly concentrates on developing the engine and the algorithm we are going to use to generate ontologies.

First of all i will let you know what does it mean by ONTOLOGY? Ontology, the term refers to the study of nature, happening or existing. Then how it is related to our concept means, here we have a huge collection of raw data, we have to generate some rules to retrieve the data depending on user’s input(keyword).
Those rules are called as ontologies. When a user searching for something it will retrieve the search results depending on the generated rules.Then the next one important term is semantic search, it means searching and retrieving more relevant results. Normally search engines will use keyword based results. But
this will give more appropriate results.


Papanasam Trip

Hi friends, on friday night we have planned to go for a trip to papanasam to enjoy our holidays. It is nearer to tirunelveli. We reached there on saturday morning. Then we went to dam there.

After that we went to a temple, and played in the river(thamirabharani) water.Falls in papanasam dam We enjoyed a lot. We were 10 fellows in the gang. Me, aswin, deepak, mahesh, nagarajan,iniyan, ashok, ponniah, soundhar and karthik. Then we stayed at ponniah’s relative’s home in papanasam on saturday night. Then on sunday morning we again went to another falla named agasthiar falls by walk. Then while returning we again played in river in a place.

This trip was such a nice trip to all of us. Everybody should visit these places. The falls nearer to the dam was a excellent one. But the travel by the boat was the terrific one. But it was also enjoyable. But papanasam was like a small village. Even a hotel was not available there. Be aware of that. This is a nice place for making a plan for one day trip.


Blogging starts

Hi, today november 14, 2008 2:13 pm i am starting to write my blog. The main purpose of my site is for my own purposes and for some enjoyments. From today onwards let us see the happenings in my life. This is enough for this first blog post.