What did I learn in 25 years?

I have downloaded a random app from app store on my mobile in morning. There was some initial questions about me after installation. There was a question on which age group I belong to. There was age groups like (0 -18), (19 – 25), (26 – 50), (51 – 100). I always used to select second group. But now I am forced to select the age group #3. OOPS. I am getting older. I felt weird suddenly. I was thinking about what have I achieved till now in the last 25 years.
I have not learned much. But definitely I have a fair amount of ups and downs that gave me a good experience. I am listing it down whatever I felt worthy.
1. Learn how to do things on your own without other’s help and at the same time don’t feel hesitated to ask others if you really don’t know something
2. Travel as much as you can. There is a lot to explore in this world
3. Believe in yourself. That is the best motivation for you
4. Being successful in business or job is not at all equal to being happy. There is a huge difference between both
5. If you are going to fail, then fail fast and start fresh once again. But never stop doing
6. Do things what gives you happiness often. It may vary between people. It can be travelling, playing, smoking, drinking, etc.,
7. You must need to know when to say “Yes” and when to say “No”. When you grow, you may need to say a lot of “No” than “Yes”
8. Talk to more people and join in meetings, groups as much as you can. That will make you a better person gradually. You don’t know what is coming ahead and where is the door of opportunity
9. Learn to say “Thank you” whenever necessary
10. We just have only one life. Start doing something what others are not doing. Especially do it before your marriage. You can avoid a lot of risks. Don’t regret later. Because most of the people in this world want the same things
11. Be aggressive on learning new things on everyday and never miss an opportunity to learn
12. Read a lot of books. This point should be on top of others. It is the key to open the door of a new world of making you a wiser person
13. Ignore people who always talks negatively on your progress. But keep them closer to know what is going on there. It will be a booster to do things faster. Yes, just do it for the people who wants to see you fail
14. Have more friends. True friends will not question you when you disappear and when you reappear. They are the people who is going to share your success and failure along.
15. Try to keep the burdens of failure only with you.  Because everyone has their own burdens that you are not aware of
16. Do what you are best at doing. Don’t try to keep your legs on two different things at a sametime unless you are an expert in doing it. We can’t accomplish all of our goals.
17. Be healthy. Walk more and run often
18. Sleep well. Try changing your sleeping cycle which is comfortable to you. Even 5 hours per day can work for you if you follow procedures
19. There is always a better person than you wherever you are and whoever you are




Vodafone is reading SMS/MMS

I am using vodafone service for a long time. I love their service. But recent incidents makes me think about it now. First thing is, they don’t allow me to use 3G service. They are telling me that people who is in Bangalore circle and also who has post paid connection can’t get 3G service and there is no way to go back to pre paid to get the 3G connection. I don’t know what shitty issue it is. I hope many people might be facing the same who is using Vodafone post paid around this area.

And one day, I have received a sms to install vodafone app to track my usage and bill called My Vodafone. Check the app here  . I have tried to install the app. the app has nothing to do with sms/mms reading and writing permission.

Check my tweet here. They immediately responded and asked my mobile number in direct message. Here is our conversation. One lady called me and she doesn’t know anything about what was going on.

vodafone_issue1 vodafone_issue2


My concern is, why do they read and also write user sms? Is it for Indian advertisement companies purposes or for Government agency or any one from outside India using this data since Vodafone is not an Indian company? I don’t know where their server is located. Whatever it is, why the hell they need write permission into sms?

I am not sure whether same thing is happening with My Vodafone app for other countries.


Here is a proof.


One day at TechCrunch Hackathon

Last week on November 14th me along with my colleagues went to attend first ever hackathon by TechCrunch in India. It was sponsored by many companies. The main focus was on their conference. As part of the conference, they conducted a 24 hour hackathon. The event held at Hotel Taj Vivanta, Bangalore.

We didn’t have any idea before going to the event as usual. Just had one idea at the time of the event. The idea was to implement a bidding platform for photos.

And we were able to complete the full prototype for an initial version. I am happy to say that. I have implemented this along with my colleague Phaneendra where I worked on the complete client side and he worked on the complete server side API parts.

We have started with having a simple login system. Since we had limited time, we have used the Android device id as the user login. When the app is installed the unique device id will be sent to the server and it will be used as the main key to identify a unique user.

Instead of having a simple photo bidding platform, it will be good if we can have an option to edit and post the photos. I had worked on adding image filters previously. So it was quick to integrate it within this app. So we have added a feature to edit the photo taken from camera or from your SD card. In the mean time, he created an api for uploading pictures from client device. The api was integrated from the client side.

Till now, basic image editing app setup was done. Then we created the bidding platform. He created an api so that it will list all the photo links through an api. I have integrated it with the app so that it will list all the photos so that user can bid for a photo.

We have set our own bidding logic. Any user can upload their photo. It is voluntary, not mandatory. So that other user can bid on the photos they like. When a user upload a photo, they can set a bidding base price. Other users can bid only on an amount bigger than the base price. Each photo will go on 1 week time for bidding, at the end of one week the highest amount bidding user will be notified and the photo will be given to that person and also it will be deleted permanently from the server. And we have a limit of 20 biddings per day on a photo.

Apart from this we show exif data(meta data) from a photo. And also user can like a photo and also they can set the photo as their wallpaper.

Future plans on this:

1. Integrating payment option
2. Integrating photo printing service directly from the client
3. Integrating OpenGL based Image processing for faster image filtering
4. Integrating AWS on server(We have for 100$ credits at the event from Amazon)

We have used one of my server as the back end. Here is some sample API that we have used:



Here is our final product:


Ban, Bang, Bangalore!

Sometime back, one aunty known to me asked me, “where do you work?”. I replied her that I work in a startup company in Bangalore. She again asked me, “Didn’t you get offers from good companies like TCS, Infosys or Wipro?”.I replied her, “No Aunty. I have to try”. Then she gave me some advice to prepare well for interviews. I listened to it carefully. I didn’t know who was dumb there.  :-/

Yes, Currently I am working in a startup company. It is like I just came into Bangalore. Oops, Bengaluru now. This city brought a lot to me. And the time is running, swimming and flying. It is more than a year now. The journey is still going on. More over, I enjoy a lot at work eventhough work is more than a typical development company. Because your responsibilities/stakes are more in a startup company.

From my child hood onwards I wanted to work on computers and to become an engineer. That is partially true by now :) . I always wanted not to be stereotyped to a particular domain. In my current job, I write mobile apps and before that I was writing automation scripts, web apps in the previous company and even before that I was writing shell scripts and SQL stored procedures. At the time of writing this post, I just completed writing a scrapper to pull data from a website for my personal purpose. I can be flexible at times based on the need. I have the confidence of moving anything to DONE state.

I am from a family of people who is into retail/whole sale business. So doing business is part of my nerves all the time. Even if I don’t have a software company job, I still can run a retail business and I have the experience to do that. But I don’t want to go into that now. I want to do something with the knowledge I gained in this field. I am still waiting for the dooms day. When ever I learn something new, I wanted to try that out on my own. Currently I own more than 15 domain names and also more than 10 apps in store of my personal. But only a very few of them are active.

After coming to this city, I have attended a few conferences, hackathons and startup meetings. But I missed the time of roaming on all the week ends. But I still love this environment. Now I am feeling like, this is the field where I have to play.

Many things are changed now. I have started staying alone. I have started working more and also efficient than before. I can accomplish things by learning faster even if I have zero knowledge about something. I have started reading more books. I have started writing my book( but I don’t know when will it be over. It may even take years to complete). I have started working according to short term goals. I have started walking a lot. I have got new friends. I have started saving money.

When you want to win, nobody can stop you!

Problems of INDIA

India is not performing well nowadays. Because it is being ruled/managed by the people who doesn’t love the country.

Problems with the rulers

Rupee value falls against US $ day by day and GDP goes down and down but Finance minister claims Indian economy is stable and nothing to worry. Onion price crosses Petrol price in the league of who reaches 100 first but agricultural minister doesn’t know why it is happening. Pak and China infiltrates into India all the time and Srilanka captures/kills Indian fishermen all the time but the external affairs minister will be keep on negotiating with all these fellows all the time. Bomb blast will happen every now and then in a regular interval but Home minister will promptly give a speech on how did that happened and who did it. Coal ministry missed all the suspicious documents on a scam and the minister tells that they are also actively searching for it. Even a begger won’t accept one rupee coin but a cabinet minister claims he can eat complete meals for 1 rupee.

On top of all these, we have a person who heads all these ministers but who doesn’t have control to control them. He claims to be an economist but when? 2 decades ago I guess.

Problems with companies and government agencies

Bribe will make everything faster and also has some extra abilities than this. Planning commission says, we can live happily if you are earning more than 32 rupees per day. India’s top investigation agency, CBI always belongs to ruling party. Take Irctc, even though their widely known huge criticism from people all over the country, they will never upgrade their hardware for servers until everyone start hating railways and go for omni buses. Indian railways will continue to run in loses all the years. Every minister for that portfolio will come and go away after making huge loss. Government’s telecom company BSNL will be running in loses all the time but they launch shitty android tablet for the people. But who bought those shitty devices and who gained out of it? IAS and IPS officers won’t have any power. If they try to show, they will be transferred. One of the world’s richest sports association BCCI will always help to ruin the people’s time and money for 2 months on every year and they will involve in all kinds of scams and they spoil the future of the kids of this country.

Problems with media

Main point is NEVER ever believe them. They play the major portion in changing any situation. When rupee value and GDP falls down these media will be focusing more and more on match fixing and scandals in Indian premier league(IPL). None of them are in neutral position. They talk a lot for women’s rights and protection. And they showcase actress nude photos in their gallery pages. They will drag down any one’s reputation in a single day. But if a popular bollywood hero is a known accused on many cases, they will never give focus on that news. Shitty media. They will make you to give focus for any issue which they feel as important with their biased view. Whenever there is a rape happening in either Mumbai or Delhi that will become a sensational issue for the whole country as they feel and everything else will go unnoticed.

Problems with people

What ever they do, citizens of India will waste 2 months of time in watching IPL on every year. What ever bull shit movie it is, people will still make them to generate revenue more than 100Cr. What ever happens we will keep buying gold more and more and we will always use imported goods and foreign company products. What ever happens people will vote for the same nice politicians again and again. We will read all the sensational news from media’s gaze and forget it on the next day. How many scams we heard with this Government, 2G Scam, Coal Scam and CWG Scam? What is the momentum of these scams? who got punished for these crimes? It is just us not those looters. Rape, Murder, Robbery will happen everywhere every time. But we will give voice for one or two days when media wants us to give.

Problems with me

Writing this by wasting my time when nothing is going to change!

P.S: These are all just some samples. Only some people will agree to my points and many will criticize this. And the politicians may claim that they are doing their job better and even they will challenge me to be on their shoes. Just think you are in a critical job in a typical company with a dead line and you are not performing well. What will happen at the end? Either you will not get good bonus or you will be fired. It should be the case with politicians also to run the country better.

To put everything aside, We just need a leader who can think for the country all the time.